Hogs @ Bama game 2

I’m hoping Connor Noland can come out and get past the 5th inning today and get his first win! If the bats come alive like last night it will be a good day.
I sure hope Casey Martin is ok after getting hit last night!

He sure looked it scoring from first on a single.

But, yeah . . . sometimes bruise like that set in overnight and are worse the next day. Encouraging thing is I don’t think he could have run like that if it were anythings that would last long. So, he may be sore today/tomorrow, but doesn’t appear to be anything that will linger.

Yeah I think Casey will be fine after getting loosened up this morning. Noland has to come out and spotted fastball and use that good curveball the keep them off balance. Hopefully are bats will continue to be productive and give him some cushion.

I just hope we can score enough runs to let him relax and get the “W”!
It would also nice to see Casey Martin get his bat going! He just needs to get a big hit!

Grr, I really hate the way the Razorback twitter account posts lineups. That said, here they are:


wow no Goodheart in the lineup?? guy is on fire!

I had a feeling today was going to be a grind. Bad hop single cost us two runs,that and Noland was not sharp at all bat’s better wake up…

That is odd! Well Noland don’t have it today and it’s Bama up early 3/0.
The walks are just horrible.

Ramage put out the fire. Your right about the hitters need to wake up! I think we are fine.

Maybe we switch him and Kenley.

I don’t know what it is but when you score a lot of runs the day before you always come back with about one or none. This guy is schooling us with a 90 MPH fastball and a breaking ball. That and stupid base-running mistakes… that’s how you lose games

No sense in letting this guy dominate us let’s get the ball rolling!

Ru kidding? That ball that was a bad hop that got by him for those runs now he’s had a couple of high throws but hasnt missed a ground ball yet. He’s played great

Unfreaking believeable!! Wicklander can’t even though a dang strike where is that crap coming from??? Just one of those days we have look like crap from the very beginning.

This is typical for freshmen. Getting cute with 2 strikes on a darn hitter and walk and walk and walk. I can’t stand walks. with 2 strikes they can’t throw it close enough to get a darn swing.

Poor all around game!
Our starter couldn’t get thru the 2nd inning, bull pen didn’t pitch much better. Two many walks.
Errors and base running blunders.
Poor at bats.
All a formula for losing baseball.
Shut out makes it even worse.
I know, that’s baseball. Can’t win ‘em all!
Pitching was really disappointing.
Well, tomorrow is a new day and everything resets.
Hope we can win the series.
Go Hogs:bangbang:

Well, I was originally thinking maybe Connor needed to move to the bullpen and move Wick to the Sat starter, but he wasn’t any good today either

Ramage pitched well

Ramage could start! But DVH wants him in the bullpen. Noland didn’t have command today at all. The walks today were the killer!
Tomorrow is another day!