Hogs/Bama BWA

I just watched (wasted time I guess some would say) a couple of three video feeds dealing mostly with the basketball game this Wed. All that is fun and interesting of course, but I got to thinking just what would The Bud be like on Wed. night with 19 K in there? Man, would I love that and I know Bama is glad it is not going to happen. Also, most of The Hog players have not had the chance to experience that as well which is too bad.

And that is really a shame.

Jalen Tate was talking today about how he knows what BWA is capable of from a crowd noise standpoint. I was thinking, ‘No, no you don’t.’ It’s a shame. There have been a few great crowds this season, but there is nothing like 19k rowdy all at once.

Maybe Tate will come back and see what it’s really like in Bud Walton when it’s full!

Tate didn’t play when Northern Kentucky played here last season but he might have made the trip. Announced attendance was 14K but it was probably a lot less than that actually in the building.

They’re going to need to inspect the foundation prior to next season. We’re going to be good and there is a lot of energy Hog fans need to unleash.

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A lot of built up energy! It will be nice to pack the Bud again! It will also be nice to pack The Baum.

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