Hogs back up to #23 in NET

After beating Mizzou. We were 23rd in the first NET of the season and got back there this morning. Doesn’t seem to make that much difference to the committee but it’s another data point in our favor. At least so far nobody with a NET this high has missed the tournament.

Swine, KY is now 76…close to really helping us.

I’m clueless is to how Big Dance teams are selected now days.

Without a collapse, I assume we are IN. We are now playing for seeding. Is that about right?

In my opinion we are certainly in with a #23 net. However I wouldn’t call it a complete collapse for us to fall back to the 30s bubble range. One loss to the wrong team could do that. And I don’t think there are any guaranteed wins in our conference schedule. But we are safely in just take care of business at home territory now. Sure would be nice to go make noise in the sec tourney though. It’s been a while since we were anything but a disappointment there. I’d love to see a rematch with mizzou with both teams at full strength.

Yes and no. If we go in the tank, we could certainly drop out; we’re not going to make it at 17-10 for instance. But yesterday is the kind of win that looks very good in that meeting room in four weeks.

For one thing, 17-10 would mean losing at least once to A&M or SoCar, or both. Bad losses never help. They’re the closest thing to a guaranteed win we’ve seen since Vandy.

John D, UK plays Vandy next. Assuming they don’t screw that up, that should get them into the top 75.

I, personally, have seen enough of Mizzou this season.

By the way, 25th in Pomeroy and 21st in Sagarin. And 23rd in BPI

We were showing a 1-5 record in quad 1, but now we are showing 2-4. Now that 5th loss was dropped to 4 and that loss was moved to quad 2 where we are now 6-1? I can’t figure out who beat us and then dropped down to quad 2?

Ah, I see it now. our home loss to MO is moved to a quad 2 since they dropped below 30.

I think losing to Misery at home became a Quad 2. Which is actually good for us. Better to be 2-4 against Q1 than 2-5, and they’re not going to ding you extra for a Q2 loss.

Yes, thanks. I was posting that while you were posting. I edited my post.

Warren Nolan’s NET team sheets confirms my guess. Misery at home is Q2. Scroll down to us at 23:


I just looked at the bracket where Joe Lunardi has the Hogs as an 8 seed vs 9 seed OKST with winner getting Gonzaga in the 2nd round.
I have to question his brackets at this time because if you look at the records of those teams he currently has 5,6,7 seeds I don’t see hardly any of them with a better resume than Arkansas.
Seriously, look at Rutgers, Colorado, Florida, Kansas and compare their best wins / worst losses and tell me why they should be seeded and valued higher than the Hogs.
I would bet you that if we won the remainder of the games on our schedule Lunardi wouldn’t have the Hogs seeded more than a 6/7 seed.

Lunardi is generally pretty close to what the committee decides in March. I’m scratching my head over Rutgers, although they, like Misery, may have quality wins that outweigh their record, NET, etc. Certainly Misery’s 4 seed from the committee yesterday isn’t supported by a NET in the 40s.

Looked it up. Rutgers is 4-6 against Q1 opponents. Colorado is 2-3. KU is 4-7. Florida is 3-2. Hopefully by Wednesday we’ll be 4-4, with a win over Florida and Kentucky moving into the top 75. Although it occurs to me that beating the Wallets might knock them down to Q2; wouldn’t take much with them at 28.

From what I’ve seen, it doesn’t seem like they punish a team much, if any, for losing a road game to a team ranked in the top 25 on the NET. I’ve seen teams actually move up a notch or two with losses like that. Now if it were a home game, they will drop them.

Maybe not, and once again the NET now doesn’t matter. The one that matters is March 12 and 13. Plenty of time for people’s ranking to change before then.

When the Kentucky AD is the head of the selection committee I don’t expect our hogs to get anything beneficial.
The committee hasn’t treated our hogs favorably in years. One thing is nice we won’t get fed up to N Carolina as an appetizer this year! It’s will the Zags.
All the metrics on earth won’t change some of the bone Head Junk they put on paper in the bracket.

Army your paranoia gets really, really old. He’s one of 10 people.

You just further explained this horrible seeding by Lunardi when you look at Rutgers, Colorado and Kansas Q1 records on the season which are no better than the Hogs and in some cases worse.
I realize that Lunardi does most of the work for the NCAA bracket committee, but I question that work he has done this season. There is no reason any of those teams are slated in 5,6 and 7 seeds while the Hogs have been teetering on bubble watch and now possibly an 8/9 seed.
I’m going to state this just this once, but the love affair this year with the Big 10 this season will play out as an overvalued opinion once all is said and done.
As for our Hogs, I will lean on the words of Al Davis (Oakland Raiders) Just win baby!

Lunardi doesn’t do squat for the committee, and they don’t look at his stuff, but he does seem to have a feel for what they look at. If he thinks Rutgers is a 6 seed and the committee agrees, then he’s right and we’re wrong. None of those Q1 records I listed are worse than our 2-4, including Colorado. Will they lose their 6th Q1 game? Maybe, but they haven’t yet (they have one Thursday night, at Oregon, as well as a rematch with USC). And they did beat USC at Los Angeles which seems to be the best team out West that isn’t in Spokane.

You may be right about the Big Ten. They may also put six or seven in the Sweet 16. To be determined. Lunardi’s current seedings have seven B14 teams as a 6 seed or higher, and it’s not a shock for a 6 seed to make the second weekend. And like the SEC, one of the B14 mainstays is having a horrible season (Michigan State).

It’s a joke for Rutgers to get in. Ole Miss needs to keep winning from the SEC! Just like our hogs better keep winning.
The Big 10 it way be their year to flop and get all those bids like the ACC normally does.