Hogs at SEC Media Days


Thanks for the heads up notification. Will this year’s event be broadcast by The SEC Network again? Do you know, as of now, when Arkansas’ slot is scheduled for? Thanks.

SEC network to provide live coverage of Media Days
Note that there is a schedule at the end of the article.

I’m aware that those three were recently in Walker Brothers to get new suits, shirts, ties, shoes for the event. They will look very sharp. The folks who were there to see them try on their new outfits said they just plain looked beautiful. Now, football players seldom look beautiful, but this person said they did.

Was that person a man or woman? Curious.

Would a guy say they looked beautiful? Perhaps. Especially one who loves football.

My grandsons are beautiful.
A biased opinion, yet mostly agreed upon by all
who have seen them in person.

Physical beauty is a gift just as sure as high intellect is

Razorbacks are mostly beautiful
simply because they wear that uniform.

Alex Collins was a special kind of beautiful.

I am not unbiased in most of my observations
and I am seldom wrong.

Since most of you agree with most of my opinions
then most of you are certain to be above average
in intelligence.

Ain’t it great to be a RAZORBACK. Even with the pains.

Beautifully Said,