Hogs at Providence in NIT

Hey, you’re not the friend of the guy on the other board are you.

Poster on another board says his friend lives in Rhode Island, is going to the game in AR gear, with a sign that says FIRE ANDERSON. Please tell me that’s not you.

If it’s not and you see the idiot, put his rear in check.

This is the lineup that I want to see tomorrow night against Providence.
Gafford, Chaney, Sills, Jones, and Joe. If Our coach continues to have Bailey or Gabe or Harris starting then he will never change his ways and we will never win with him as our coach.

I agree that’s often been our best lineup. I’m not convinced that sills is more consistent than Harris. Both have shown good and bad at the PG. Also, I’m curious if Chaney is committed to staying next year and if he should start if there is a real chance he is transferring.

Always a chance of a transfer (not just Chaney). That’s the way of basketball.

The starting five mentioned won’t happen. Not because Mike is stubborn, but because it’s not smart. If you start those five who comes in when the need a breather? Harris - PG, KES - SG, Joe/Jones (who are tired, but have to give the other a break) - SF, Adrio - PF, Gabe - C. Think about that a second. That’s the real reason Chaney and Mason are coming off the bench.

I just don’t feel comfortable with Sills as the primary PG. He is just not ready yet. He never played the point in high school and it shows. He will be there perhaps next year.

Mike is doing the best he can with what he has. Only thing I wish he give Chaney about 5 to 10 minutes more at the 4.

I think a legitimate argument can be made for that, closing five the last few games has been Harris, Joe, Jones, Gabe, and Gafford. Remember Mike says it’s not about who starts, so I can see him playing at the end. Has to be a reason why he is keeping Gabe in that we may not know.