Hogs at Providence in NIT


Winner may play Indiana at Bloomington.

Just posted same thing. Combine if you can. Will be interesting

Hogs will be 2.5 to 3 pt dogs at Providence. Win that one and beat IU again would be nice.

Regardless of how anyone feels, kudos for these kids wanting to continue to play. It won’t be an easy task but they are embracing the challenge. Hopefully they have a chip on their shoulders.

This looks like a bad match up for us but nothing is given you have to earn it

Bama also in the NIT as a 4 seed.

What day do we play ?

Thought i heard Tuesday, could be wrong.

I thought I saw Bama as “1” seed. “4” makes more sense. Must have been seeing things!

Bama is a No. 1 seed as one of the last four teams left out of the NCAA.


You were unfortunately right. I was typing and listening and heard it wrong. Bama is a 1 seed.

Tuesday at 8:00 cst looks like.

Dudley, is the full team planning to play?

Well, we can say we are 2-0 vs 2 NIT 1 seeds, IN and Bama.

8:00 Central - 9:00 Est

made the edit.

Texass is a 2 seed, so 2-1 vs 1-2 seeds.

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This Rhode Islander welcomes the Hogs with open arms! Woo Pig Sooie! Beat the Friars, It can be done boys! Go Hogs!!!