Hogs at Baylor and other 2023 SEC/Big 12 Match-Ups

Not a surprise. A lot of people expected us to play at Baylor.

Tough draw on the road…but win or lose, will give us valuable experience and help the NET…

The Hogs are starting to get recognized as one of the best teams in the SEC with this draw.

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kinda surprised that A&M’s not in it after the ending they had last year…Georgia,S.Carolina and Vandy i could see with how bad they were last year

Another chance to break through and get that elusive road win in this series.

Agree. A&M definitely should be included instead of LSU. Especially after LSU’s NCAA problems.

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It’s a rolling thing based on your recent SEC finishes. Since A&M stunk in 2021, they didn’t get in. Same for the Poultry, Jawja and Vandy, even though A&M and Vandy both made the NIT.

Tough game on the road in Waco but I expect Arkansas to win by about 10-12 pts. Tenn-Texas re-match is really the only other interesting game to watch. None of the other matchups are too exciting, quite frankly.

Hogs to win by 10 or 12 points in Waco… that’s some positive thinking brother. I’d settle for a one-point win. I’m sure they will be loaded as usual.

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In ESPN’s WTE Top 25, Baylor is 7th and we’re 8th.

If we keep finishing in the top 2 or 3 in the SEC, it is going to be a tough draw on the road every other year,

No matter. Arkansas will be better than Baylor this coming season. Bears can’t put the same level of talent on the floor that Hogs can.


I like our chances since we will have already played over half our games. I am glad we aren’t playing an early season road game against them.

It should be a great game. A great opportunity to move up in the rankings, if we aren’t already at #1!


Baylor’s upcoming season took a major hit when Matt Mayer transferred out. Still a very solid team, but top 10? :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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