Hogs at #37 in RPI per Nolan

Going the wrong direction for sure. #22 in ELO; that puts us #8 in the SEC. Florida’s #11 in ELO; #4 in the SEC.

And sinking like a rock. Not a very good team at all at this point.

Real RPI is 36 this morning. Not gonna be helped any by events thus far in Hoover.

We’re #43 in Nolan’s now. If a few teams behind us have a good weekend, we may be shipped out to the far west or east as a 2 seed or maybe a 3 close to home? Probably not but I’m just hurting along with everyone else.

Regional pairings are not based on RPI. There is no rhyme or reason for how the selection committee makes its choices. As I posted in another thread, one of Arkansas’ best non-host teams under Van Horn was the 2011 division champion, which was sent to Tempe. The Razorbacks were a No. 3 seed in 2009 and sent to Norman.

Arkansas will be a No. 2 seed somewhere and it will make the home crowd nervous.

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You’re right about no rhyme or reason, I guess I’m just looking at worst case scenarios due to the way we ended our season. :unamused:

Yeah, it’s tough following a loss to maintain a good attitude. It’s really tough after a series of losses like we’ve had–going from an almost lock national seed to a team that could get shipped anywhere as a 2 or even 3 seed.

I’d like to be as excited about softball as I am disappointed about baseball. Don’t get me wrong, I’m pulling for the ladies & would love to see them win it all, but even if they win today, tonight my mind is gonna be on the baseball team.

Not sure why. This team appears to be cooked mentally. DVH has about five days to fix that or our stay in Stillwater or wherever will be a short one.


The quicker this season is completed the better for everyone. This morning was a sad experience watching a dispirited team trying to put on a good while playing an opponent that was in the game to win. Depending on an offensive effort focused on the long ball that seemed more futile as the game went into the late innings. Hopefully, next year will a return to a more aggressive style of play. WPS!!

I don’t think they have much to be nervous about. This appears to be a team looking for a nice soft patch of grass to lie down on.

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I don’t believe that. I think they’re pressing too hard, have lost a bunch of confidence, and maybe started believing that no matter what they do, they’re going to lose. Their mental condition has to be awful right now. However, I don’t think they’re just ready to turn it in.

They know as well as anybody that a brand new season starts next weekend. There will not be one team in that regional who is better than we’re capable of being. There won’t be any team there that’s better than several teams they’ve beaten this year. Their first game will be against a 3 seed instead of a “barely made the tournament 4 seed.” They will have to beat that team & then beat a #1 seed that’s as good as any SEC team, but no better than any of its top half. If they do manage to win the first two games, they will need to win the third–just like they would if they were at Baum. If they don’t, I won’t be surprised. If they do win, I’ll be a little surprised, but not shocked. Then I’ll worry about the Super

I think they have quit. A team with this much talent does not go 2-6 to end the year, with everything on the line, if it hasn’t quit.

I do tend to be on the negative side, hopefully I am proven wrong

Baseball has streaks of success & failure. Even teams have it. Happens all the time in the major leagues. It happens less in college where there can be greater talent gaps, but there isn’t much of a talent gap among SEC teams. Tenn this year is something of an exception, but even it has lost 5 SEC games. I think it’s more plausible that we’re in a negative run than that the team has quit. I won’t rule that out entirely. Sometimes teams do that. But I don’t think this team has.

Our failures have come mainly from the mound. Now, once we’ve gotten behind by a large bit, we’ve also made some bad mental errors. The game Wednesday against Alabama is a perfect example of that. But I think that came more from pressing too hard than giving up. (Turner’s throw to 3rd instead of getting the sure out. The throwing error by Moore costing the DP & 2 runs, for example.)

It seems to me that when things go bad, fans have a tendency to blame the team or coaches in some way. We can’t accept that sometimes things just don’t go our way. In the game of baseball it is very common for things just to go one team’s way & not the other’s. That might not be the correct explanation, but to me it’s the most plausible one. (One exception: I think for some reason our pitching hasn’t been as crisp. That could be for a variety of reasons. But I don’t think “quitting” is one of them.)

It’s not a popular opinion in this room, but I think Arkansas might win its regional. I wouldn’t bet money on it, but I wouldn’t bet against it either. The pressure will be on the home team, not the Razorbacks. All of the pressure should be off of Arkansas now that it lost out on a top eight and on hosting. I’m not sure this team has been able to play without pressure all year.

There are always older, talented teams that get into the postseason as 2 seeds and make a run. It was NC State last year, it has been Arkansas before, and a similarity with many of those teams is that they have coaches who know how to navigate a team through the postseason because they’ve done it before.

A lot of it depends on matchups. I’ll be interested to see which teams Arkansas is paired with Monday.


As bad as this team is playing what it really needs most is a win, something to feel good about!! if it can get that in the first game that can totally flip the switch. My biggest concern for this team is we have no body pitching well enough to hold the opponent under 4-5 runs.
I saw Smith’s Velo today at 91 that is not good for him. I hope they can go home, get some rest and rebound have some good team talks and get ready to go on the road where there’s no pressure on them and give it their best.


If they win their regional, it would mean to me that they were not serious about their last series in regular season nor in the SEC tourney–just saving themselves for something that really counts, like going to and advancing at Omaha.

They’ve been “Serious.” Dead serious.

Hopefully, the pressure is off and they will get on a roll.

I’ve learned to listen closely to Matt Jones.


Matt I value your opinion but in your position and speaking with coaches, you saying 2 and bbq is something coaches might frown on.

What about this team has you thinking this team might win a regional?

Experience and the fact it has double-digit wins against postseason teams.

No they probably haven’t quit. They do look tired and uninspired. Two and done in Hoover is probably a good thing at this point. Maybe they can rest up and come back energized and determined to prove doubters like me wrong. I sure hope so.

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