Hogs are tough to beat with ample prep time

Wrote on Arkansas’ and Eric Musselman’s success in games after four or more days to rest and prep for an opponent:

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That is a proven fact.

Let’s hope it works against the Illini.

Well in reality we are only getting three full days of practice if that many …we didn’t find out we were playing them till Sunday night and we’re playing Thursday afternoon This is pretty much the same way when we play Tuesday night and Saturday afternoon…

The big difference is this is do or die we will come out with an entirely different mindset today I believe

Sounds like a coach who knows what he is doing.

Arkansas played last Friday, so five days – Saturday to Wednesday – between games. Record in the story is based on days between games.

I think I saw something that Muss and staff were working on Illinois before the brackets were announced. They guessed correctly that we were probably going to be paired with Illinois or one other school (maybe Iowa) and got to work on those two before Sunday afternoon.

Now if that is the truth that they were working on Illinois a little bit then they really will have more time than they normally do on a Tuesday Saturday split…

I like our chances today but mainly because I know they are going to come out like their hair is on fire because they know if they don’t play a solid 40 minutes today then this group is through playing together

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