Hogs are THE most balanced offensive team in the country

There is exactly 1 yard difference between passing YPG and rushing YPG.

Passing YPG -246.8
Rushing YPG - 245.8 (6th overall)
Total YPG - 492.6 (13th overall)

IMO, this is the best Razorback offensive football team since 2011. Keep KJ, Rocket, OL, and WRs healthy and I believe we end the season on a 6 game winning streak!


Kinda funny there has been limited discussion as to the impact of having Slusher back. Did he do good?


Thought he played well, especially in run support. He seems to play with a lot of physicality.

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He looked really good to me; a noticeable improvement over the last few weeks.

I thought Hudson Clark and Slusher both had solid performances.


Defense was improved yesterday. We forced Auburn to punt 5 times. Getting folks well helped a lot. Clark is a player. Blair takes a lot of heat but he’s a leader on the field.

Saw Clark make a solid tackle once. Locked the guy up!

Tell me about that red zone scoring stat?

I love the balance we have this year. It does make it harder to defend because we can run and pass. We still get ourselves in too many 3rd and long situations; thankfully 3rd down conversion has improved enough to the past couple of games we’ve moved up the rankings there.

KJ has thrown the ball very well and that only makes it tougher for the defense to know what’s coming. When you get a defense on their heels and they have to react to what you’re doing you have a chance to be very successful and that’s exactly what we’re doing right now


I’d say that 2015, with a mature Brandon Allen passing, and Alex Collins and Rawleigh Williams rushing was pretty stout as well.

The offense seems to be getting better each week, I suppose as the WRs are maturing in the system. Really fun.

I think Rocket will keep getting better as long as he stays healthy. He’s still young in his development as a running back. The long run was setup by his patience as he waited for the line to wipe out the defensive pursuit. He stopped, waited and then slid outside and was off to the races. That is a move of a great back.


There were a couple of posts in the game thread (which is very entertaining to say the least) about him not hitting the holes quickly. I noticed it myself but came to the conclusion the coaches have instructed him to let the holes open up then go. That run showed how that can work. There is a time to hit it fast and a time to let it open up. Good players figure that out. Rocket is a good player possibly headed to greatness.


Yep. All Rocket is doing is leading the SEC in rushing and reaching a 1000 yds faster than even Dmac, but the great coaches on this board know far more about how he should run than he or his real coaches know. Just thank how great the Hogs would be if Sam would just have a direct line to this (and other) board on game day. He could even get rid of all his coaches. The team would be better and he would save a bunch of money.


Rocket is showing excellent vision and decision-making. He doesn’t have D-Mac speed but he sees better.


The play of our offensive line Saturday was super impressive. KJ had lots of time to let his receivers get open. Sanders was totally free to pop out to the side on his long run as our O-line steam-rolled the defenders with a blocker locked up on every potential tackler. Was KJ even touched by their pass rush much less sacked?

What made Alex Collins a better RB. Learning to wait for the blocks to develop.

I don’t remember DMac having much patience. If there was a hole, he hit it hard, but he didn’t have the knack of letting holes develop. The two best Hog backs in my memory who displayed patience were Budda and Rocket. Here’s a prime example of AC:

It was in the 2nd half anyway. CSP chewed some butt at halftime. I think coach speak for that now is “i challenged them”.

I loved watching Alex run. Seems he could almost always get something even when it was not there. A really good guy as well.