Hogs are still #38 in NET

But they’re using up their grace period quickly and need to get the train back on the tracks. Tennessee would be a Q1 road win which would really help.

Bracket Matrix has us as the highest 9 seed. Lunardi has us as a 9, Palm has us as a a 10.

Women are 39th in RPI after demolishing Kentucky. Charlie Creme of ESPN has them as a 10 seed, meeting Texass in the first round, but that was before last week’s split of SoCar and UK. Other women’s brackets have them as high as a 7.

If Joe comes back next week the hogs have a chance but if he doesn’t I don’t have much confidence at all in them hanging on to why little hope they had!

The women appear to be in good shape.

Probably unless they just go in the tank. Three winnable games remaining, it appears. Beating Tennessee would go a long way. Warren Nolan has them projected with three Q1 wins, which would mean beating EOE and LSU at home. Tennessee has played one fewer game than we have but they make that up Thursday at Baton Rouge.

Creme had seven SEC teams in the field as of last Tuesday.

Just based on recent performance, I would say the men are over seeded and the women under.

I am not upset with the men, we kept saying we couldn’t afford any injuries. Still a big Muss fan.

Your right Greg! The women are just have the depth to rest starters and CMN has been on the job longer than CEM. I think this time next year we will be happy with where both our Hogs teams are sitting.
The future is bright.

When I look at the remaining schedule and our current record I would say that we can finish no worse than 5-3 over these final 8 games. That would put the Hogs at 9-9 for the conference and 21-10 overall. Hope they kick off this final stretch of games with a win at Tennessee and then follow that up with a win at home against Mississippi St.
It’s certainly mathematically possible that they can either play there way in or out of the NCAA Tournament.

I’m concerned about the fuel tank! Jones, Sills, Whitt, Bailey, Chaney and Harris only have one pair of legs a piece. Those legs are wore out by the 10 minute point of the second half of games and then it’s over! They show fight but without Joe it may not be possible. I’m hoping just like you are that they con go 5-3 or better but I won’t hold my breathe.

I’m also concerned with the tank as well, I hope Muss gave them an easy day today. In fact, I think they should have a complete day off between Tuesday and next Saturday. They need their legs (and arms) back. It looked like fatigue caused us to make more fouls versus Mizzou, we were a step slow.

I agree, the future is very bright!! WPS

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