Hogs are now 8-1

Against top 10 teams in the coaches baseball poll, and would be 9-0 if Tennessee hadn’t hit that walkoff dinger off Wiggy. Then 6-1 against teams ranked 10 to 15.

That’s Texas, Vandy, 2-1 against Tennessee, TTech and 3-0 against Moo U in the top 10, plus 2-1 vs. the Rebnecks, 3-0 vs. Florida and 1-0 against TCU.


I think if we win tomorrow we will have secured the top seed in the NCAA :grinning:

I think we’re probably safe. Best record in the country (not counting Fairfield) against the #2 SOS? Yeah I think we’ll get to host a super.

Of those 16 games against top 15 teams, only Florida was at home.

Been an Amazing season! These kids have risen to the occasion time after time, just hope they can keep it up and win it all.

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I think we had the 1 seed if we’d gone 0-fer in Hoover, but I’d just as soon win it now. I don’t think our arms will be too tired next week, but not sure I’d want to throw KK again unless it’s for 1 inning or less Sunday

I would imagine we start to see the pitching trend we saw against Florida G3.

I think the only thing that prevents the hogs from being the overall #1 seed is if the NCAA decides to start working on building “woke” currency and does something based on the LGBTQ laws enacted in various states which include Arkansas. I don’t believe they will, but stranger things have happened and it always seems to happen when it bites the Hogs on the backside. I think the Ladybacks getting a national seed goes a long way to debunking this, but its still an itch in the background until the sites are announced.

I’m not trying to inject a position or politics into a discussion, just referencing the NCAAs earlier comment when they were discussing things of this nature.

For those that don’t remember or don’t know here is just one of the articles that came out earlier.

I have no doubt we will be the #1 overall. Have no idea what you talk about.

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We had an extended conversation with Coach last night after the game. We were talking about the use of Kopps. He said, maybe he would go an inning more this weekend. Maybe. “We’ll see.”

Interestingly, Coach said a conversation he had with Kevin O’Sullivan convinced him to pitch Kopps at all in Hoover. The staff was leaning towards not throwing Kopps at all in Hoover, but KO reminded DVH of a former Gator reliever that was used similarly. Basically told him, if you trust the player to tell you when he needs a rest, then trust me when I say, guys like that need to throw at most every opportunity.

As some of you know from interacting with the Kopps’, Kevin and his dad are just awesome people. We ran into them yesterday afternoon, and my 13 year-old was literally star-struck. (see below). It took come coaching for him to have a conversation with Kevin. Then, in the hotel lobby after the game, Kevin recognized us and came over and talked to my son for a bit. Priceless moments.


Seed wouldn’t be affected even if they didn’t allow us to host. We’d still be the top seed even if we had to play somewhere else, just like Duke was the 1 seed in the softball regional at Georgia (which Georgia won). But they’re not going to put a softball regional/super here and then move baseball somewhere else.

The rest of your post is veering dangerously into politics, but I’m not taking the bait.

Wasn’t offering it up as bait.

There is nothing that can happen this weekend that will take away the top seed.

I was saying that with tongue firmly in cheek. It was deliberate understatement. We had the #1 seed sewn up several games ago.

Considering that the NCAA gave softball a #6 national seed, I cannot see any circumstance that would keep baseball from being given a #1 seed.

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