Hogs are confident they'll play well in March

“It’s when the men come to play basketball,” Kamani Johnson said today.

Later, he added, “With the guys on our team individually, I know how they are and I think we’ll play our best basketball in March.”

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Where on the earth has that swag and confidence been? I want to see it on the free throw line and when they handle the ball. We will see


You don’t just turn it on and off. This team looks like they do sometimes as they can be very bipolar. But the woes they have shooting, especially at the charity line, and the inconsistent defense aren’t something you just flip a switch on.

Agree. You don’t just turn it on. Hogs won’t last long this year, assuming they get in. I think they will. But too many voids in skill and too much youth. Let’s beat UK and see what happens.

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Yeah I agree but wouldn’t be surprised because I have seen how this team can play when they are really inspired! We got shafted on this schedule.There is no way anybody should have to play a top 3 team on the road Saturday then have to play another highly ranked team Tuesday .we basically only had Sunday to practice bc we had to travel Monday…I think when we have time to prepare and get focused we are a totally different team…I expect us to play much better tomorrow


I don’t think they got shafted. Nobody knows when the schedule is made out how good another team is really going to be. When the schedule was made out, people were talking about this being a final 4 team so then we should have been able to play with anyone. They are going to have to play good team with a short turn around if they make the tourney. This team has struggled with any sort of consistency which is why I am doubtful of any kind of serious run. I would not be surprised to see them bounced in round 2 of the SEC tourney. I’m not trying to me mean or debbie downer about them. It’s just who they have been. Very un-Muss like team. I certainly understand the injury situation made it very difficult so I am not down on Muss or the team. The inconsistency is maddenly frustrating; more more so to Muss I am sure!

Kamani has always had it.

I just thought they looked at like Arkansas has been the Dominant team in the league for 2 yrs in a row and they looked at these games as being highly entertaining nationally and I they should be but not when you make us go on the road back to back basically 2 days apart.I haven’t seen a team all yr that could have handled that situation and to do it at the end of the yr when the tournament is right around the corner!!really hamstrung us at the worst possible time…we could have played these 2 on the road anytime this yr and that would have been fine but to go back to back right with tourney seeds on the line was highly unfair to us.

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This is the SEC. Suck it up butter cup. These guys think they are NBA bound (seems may be all they think about). that is life there every night.

No matter who you play or where, there is no excuse to shoot free throws like that.

I hope they can make a run, but I have not seen anything to indicate they will. they could not beat LSU or MSU at home due mostly to lack of effort, want to, or whatever you call it.

Yeah and we sucked it up just like 99% of the other teams in the country would have right at the worst time for it to happen that is my point. We could have played these teams anytime this year on the schedule.

Every team in the conference can argue about their schedule. This team is talented enough to play every other day. The problem is, they haven’t been consistent no matter how much rest they’ve gotten. The toughest part of the year is now upon us…

Well.its March. Lol