Hogs are a 14 point underdog...

this week against the Mighty Tide. There’s no regular season game on the schedule I want to win more than this one. It’s been a long 10 years living here in Tuscaloosa since we beat them last.

P.S. The talk of the town here in Tuscaloosa is all about the game next weekend with Tennessee. About the possibilities of both teams being undefeated (personally I think A&M will beat the Vols handily this Saturday before they ever get to the Tide). But it’s a foregone conclusion here that Bama will be undefeated when they play Tennessee. I’m hoping their team might be looking past Fayetteville to Knoxville. I know Saban won’t be looking ahead, but maybe, just maybe, his players will be.

Saban won’t be looking ahead after the last 2 games against us.

We need tide to be looking past us

This is a huge game for the Hogs and CBB.

A win puts the Hogs in the mix for the NC. That’s my plan.


Hogman, we lived in Tuscaloosa for the 5 years before Saban. It was a glorious time for Hog fans there in exile. I can’t imagine what it’s like now. Hoping next week is a glorious week for you! WPS

The emotion factor will be with Arkansas, but Alabama is accustomed to getting everyone’s best shot. I don’t ever understand betting lines - probably because I don’t watch them and don’t bet.

There is little doubt this falls in a good spot for the Hogs. It is not as good as where the Texas game usually fell for Hogs for many years. Playing Texas after the Oklahoma week was always nice.

I would like to play Alabama after they play Auburn.

That’s what I said before as well.

Lots of sportswriters don’t seem to understand the point spread, one Arkansas writer asks how Alabama could be a 14 point favorite when they only won by 13 last year in Tuscaloosa and by 1 two years ago at Razorback Stadium? The short answer is the oddsmaker thinks 14 is the number to divide the money, he is perfectly happy getting equal action on both sides. So the oddsmaker is also handicapping the betting public, where he thinks the money will go. Alabama of course, is one of the top public teams for betting in college football. Very hard to get value betting on the Crimson Tide.