Hogs are 2nd Nationally in 3-point % defense

Just thought I’d counteract the thread about our poor 3 point shooting, with a positive post about our 3-point defense.

Yes, our 3 point shooting has been poor, but, for reasons pointed out in that thread, it will move up rapidly.

We are winning big with outstanding defense. That should continue under this coach, and the offense will continue improving.

Love our defense!

It’s not that we don’t shoot 3 pointers well. Do to size we have to shoot a bunch of 3’s. We’re shooting free throws better. Without a real inside threat, I’d be very surprised to see our numbers go up. Sure like the effort given

Really? You don’t expect to see our 3 point shooting percentage to go up? I’d sure take a bet on that.

Given the number of attempts versus our lack of size inside… Yes I’d be surprised if teams didn’t take away Joe & Jones. Who else do we have? If we had other threats from 3,4, & 5 slots??? Show me where??

I guess you’re assuming Desi, a 46% 3-point shooter last season, will go 0-11 every 3 games the rest of the season. That’s the only way we won’t improve our 3-point shooting the rest of the year. Hard to believe that you think this team, with Joe, Jones and Sills
on it, will end the season as #249 or worse in the country in 3 point shooting. I don’t care how short we are on the inside.

I’m not saying we are going to be a top 10, 3-point shooting team this year, but goodness, we sure aren’t going to be where we are now at #249.

Maybe I didn’t say it the way it was intended… I don’t believe we’ll be a great percentage 3pt shooting team due to the shear numbers we’re going to have to shoot Due to size and lack of depth at the 3 point arc from everyone including Joe, Jones, and Sills. Not having a Gafford is a huge problem. Teams will spend more time guarding 3 point line with virtually zero post up game.

Love everything I see from this team but getting open 3 point looks is going to become more difficult