Hogs are 220th in Three Point FGs

I’m very surprised at this statistic as our Hogs have not played a great schedule and have won each game convincingly. But, we’re also 249th in 3 point FG percentage.

Interesting (to me) given our 4 guard lineup.

That’s good news.

We’re 3-0 while our shooting has been ice cold.

Watch out when they start to heat up.

Sills is 0-11. That’s the problem right there. Eliminate him and we’re at about .345 which is good enough.

Just 3 games in but along w great defense, how 'bout 77% free throw shooting!
1st real test next week at Georgia Tech.

That’s actually the real issue. Sills is a much better shooter than that; he’s not going to remain 0-for as more games are played. Rebounding will also improve when Cheney comes back. Our shooting will creep up to where it should be. Crossing my fingers that Harris’ shooting is now where it should be; he’s looked pretty darn good after they fixed his form.

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So far team doesn’t let the poor shooting or affect the rest of their game. They hustle back on defense and just keep grinding. It’s early in the season the shots will start falling.
Chaney needs to get in the mix soon & knock some rust off.

I am most definitely concerned about our horrible shooting. What will happen when we play more talented and competitive teams of the SEC? The kids love to jack it up but can’t find any net.


There’s always games where shots don’t fall! The defense is the bright spot and we just need to be realistic about the expectations of this season.

Bingo Army bailed this. We have to temper our expectations some since Muss got here like 7 months ago give him a full class or 2 but I love the def and direction.

Our lack of offense is going to catch up with us sooner or later. It’s worse than it has looked because the D has been unworldly, and unsustainably, good. It’s not just Sills or the arc shoioting, not that the arc shooting isn’t part of the problem. Joe is the only player shooting better than 33% from the arc, other than Harris on limited attempts. Joe and Jones are carrying the O right now, and I doubt what Jones is doing inside the arc is sustainable once we start playing bigger, more athletic teams. Bailey is third in scoring rate and has an eFG% of 64%, also probably not sustainable. Three of our 7-man rotation is under 46% in eFG%.

We were well under 1 point per possession yesterday despite O-rebounding well, getting to the line, and not turning the ball over excessively. We aren’t creating easy looks. No player on the team has real PG assist numbers. Joe is is the only player below 10 minutes per assist. We’re #207 in assist per possession , #206 in TOs per possession, and #242 in two-point rate. We aren’t going to be a great offensive rebounding team. We must get to the line a lot, and Jones and Harris are the only two players moving the needle on FTs.

We’ve played one of the easiest defensive schedules in the nation according to Pomeroy, and we have had trouble breaking out of that 0.95 to 1.1 ppp rut that we were in last year. Against North Texas we spent most of the game below 1.0 ppp before a late surge in the final 7 minutes. Sooner rather than later, somebody is going to shoot better than 15% from the arc against us, and we had better be better on O across the board.

Part of low 3 point percentage has to do with lack of size. Give me Gafford and we’re certainly a better 3 point shooting team.