Hogs are 12-1 vs Missouri at BWA

I did not realize it was that lopsided. Let’s keep it rolling.

Trying to bump this thread a bit as we face a “solid” Missouri team tomorrow. They are big, thick, and return nearly 90% of their offense from last year.

Most recently, they lost big, at home, against Tennessee. Well, Tennessee is very good and athletic. But, there’s a difference between Tennessee’s athleticism and Arkansas’s; UT has it all over the court; and they have plenty of 4 and 5 star talent.

Still, this is about Missou. They beat a decent team on the road at Wichita State. They beat a good Illiniois team at home. And they drilled Oregon at a neutral site.

I’m expecting Missou to dominate the Hogs inside, whether or not Smith plays. It will be a completely different game than we had this week at Auburn, requiring a different kind of patience from our Hogs.

Personally, I think a Hog win over Missou will be a big deal. Others might think Missou is not so good, having started its SEC season 0-2, but I think the Tigers are real…as I think so are our Hogs.

Frankly, if I were the other coaches, I’d be a bit worried about the Hogs as an opponent after they bested Aubie on the road, essentially without its strongest player in the paint.

I really don’t like the time for this game. I didn’t know CBS even broadcasted 11:00 AM basketball games. However, it is probably better for us than for MO, the road team.

Noon Eastern :slight_smile:

If Hogs play like they did Wednesday, we win by st least 10. Mizzou can’t shoot. Just guard the lane and let them shoot it.

I was afraid Hogs were not ready for league play. Right now I think they are easily in top three with Tennessee and LSU.

I was “unsure” too, before we played Aubie. I think Aubie’s gonna win some games; so our win on the road is a solid marker.

10 Mountain

Eggs Benedict time; sounds good.

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5:00 PM in London.

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