Hogs and home runs

This team must be on record setting pace for home runs in a season. Currently they are just under 2 home runs a game (1.9).

In 2010 we averaged 1.44 dingers per game and hit 64. In 2018 we hit 69 but the average per game was slightly lower.

Those are probably regular season totals. The 2018 team hit 98 home runs and the 2010 team hit 92 homers.

Sorry I read it wrong, 98 homers in 69 games in '18 and 92 in 64 games in '10. But the per-game is correct.

So, after reading all these posts, it looks like the answer is yes, we are definitely on a record setting pace for home runs in a season, providing we don’t miss the post season games.

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