Hogs+ AKA State Run Media

Interested in the boards take on Hogs+

Seems like a direct competitor to this site along with the Rivals and 247 guys.

How long until the 20 minutes of practice the media gets to watch is nixed completely and only those subscribing to Hogs+ will get a peak at practice?

The re-emergence of Bo Mattingly. Best I can tell, it seems like it will be a competitor for inside info and articles about the Razorback teams and players. It will be more of a competitor to HI than to Rivals, ESPN recruiting, and 247. It appears it won’t be a competitor in the evaluation process and dissemination of information directly from Arkansas and other recruits.

But yes, a big competitor in the dissemination of inside information. It may even mean, they may restrict Whole Hog/HI, Rivals, AR, and 247, AR personnel from direct access to some info they now get.

That word “exclusive” can be a really big word.

The statement said:
"delivering this premium content on a weekly basis through Hogs+.”

If I’m reading this correctly, and it’s only updated weekly, then they may be less of a competitor to HI and the others. They may be more of a new and improved “Razorbacks.com”. We currently get lots of new information daily on here. It also didn’t seem to be a competitor in 2-way communication on a message board.

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They’re not the same platforms, this will be more interviews and film from locker rooms, etc. I guess we’ll see how it goes, I’ll probably try it for a month to see if the content is worth the $7.99/month. If it’s just interviews, none of those on the Hog Pod are anything I’d pay for, I enjoyed them, but not worth the extra.

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They cannot do recruiting.

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Good point.

How long until you can’t film any practice and the only clips are for subscribers of $7.99/mo?

I hate this. Reeks of greed.

As a government institution, UA should not be allowed to compete in the market place with free enterprise businesses.


I don’t believe they are going to prevent us from taping the early parts of practice.

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I would doubt that too, given the last 6 years of football history, the program needs all the favorable publicity it can get so I doubt they would try to curtail the existing coverage media.

Since we live in interesting times, should they select to limit such access or become more restrictive in what is allowed, there would be the expected reaction to have some of the media take the other side and become more hard line in questioning of what the program is doing.

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Greed is a funny word. Who are these greedy people? It’s NEVER us who are greedy, it’s always the other guy. The word greed used in an accusatory manner always seems kinda hypocritical to me.

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In the context of this thread, I think it is pretty obvious.

I have wondered if it will have any real effect on this site (and other media) getting information. Will Hogs+ be breaking some exclusives?

The behind-the-scenes stuff is always interesting, but it’s hard for me to believe they will produce enough content to make $7.99 a month worth it.

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It was a rhetorical question. I fully grasp the context of your post, I simply disagree with your statement. If you and I try to make an extra buck, we call it “hustle”. Someone else does it and they’re greedy. Maybe they’re trying to maximize UofA’s revenue to keep up with the rest of the league. We are ranked tenth in SEC athletic budgets. Im sure that still sounds like greed to you so but it doesn’t to me. I hope that clears it up.


Excellent response.

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Such an over dramatic subject line.

It’s been a good while since collegiate sports became a business.

I’m not referring to collegiate sports. I’m saying a government institution should NOT use its tax payer supported personnel, resources, and privilege to compete with private business that offer a similar product. Even if Hogs+ is owned and operated by the Razorback Foundation, it would have unique 501(c)3 tax advantages that free enterprise businesses do not. That is not a level playing field.

I understand your point but here’s another take: There are for profit universities. Should UA stop offering classes so as not to compete with them?

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