Hogs, Aggies jump 7 spots in AP poll

Arkansas is 17 and Texas A&M in 10. It sets up the Razorbacks’ first top 25 matchup since the 2012 Cotton Bowl.

Here is the full top 25: http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2016 … t-classic/

Here is Tom Murphy explaining his top 25 poll: http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2016 … l-sept-18/

Based on AP rankings, there are four top 25 games next week, including three in the SEC:

11 Wisconsin at 8 Michigan State
17 Arkansas vs. 10 Texas A&M
19 Florida at 14 Tennessee (College GameDay site)
12 Georgia at 23 Ole Miss

Both AR and A&M deserve the “move up”. AR earned it at TCU and backed it with another yesterday. A&M showed they are for real on the road at AU. The match up next week sets up the winner for watch as a contender for the national championship. I am nervous as hell. Because the last two years we dominated A&M and lost at the end. They are similar to TCU plus they bring some muscles up front. I have got my fingers crossed that we play as well as we are capable of and let chips fall where it may.

This aTm team is getting a head of steam going just like we are. I hope we don’t come out flat and have to play catch up early.
I really hope AA doesn’t choose this game to be off. Might be the best secondary he has faced and for sure the best Dline.

Well, not sure how TN became the darling of ESPN, but they really have not looked good, and unless MO is better than expected, GA didn’t exactly impress either. Both seem overrated right now. But good for the SEC.
We almost got as much credit for beating TSU as TCU. Hard to figure, but good thing about our conference, most of the time. No need to complain about it. We will get our chance to prove where we belong in the rankings. Who knows how our team would handle being highly ranked anyway. WPS

I think we got credit for beating TSU because we showed that our defense can stop someone, and that we completely dominated them as a ranked team should dominate a cupcake (on a day where cupcakes gave people a lot of trouble and occasionally won; ask Iowa about their cupcake).

I’m not quite sure why we jumped over LSU and Florida, other than the QB issues both are having, but I’m not going to complain.

Plus a lot of ranked teams lost. OM, Iowa, Oregon, OU, Texas, Notre Dame.

OM, TEXAS, ND losing and HOGS win, as good as id gets.

OM, TEXAS, ND losing and HOGS win, as good as id gets.
[/quote] AAAAAMMMMENNN, LOL. That’s the problem with judging CFB. TX looked so good first week — who knew ND sucked.