Hogs after recent LSU basketball de-commit (Top 25)

I wouldn’t take a serious look at ANYBODY with the L$U cesspool of MBB. No coaches, administrators, trainers, jock washers, etc deserve a break. All tainted. They all knew what what going on.

OK…would consider a few of their cheerleaders for transfer, but that’s it. Or maybe a few Golden Girls from the band.

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I wouldn’t take it to that point and hold that over any young man’s head! Ask the right questions and make sure you recruit in an ethical legal way and be professional. Muss will make the right call!

I would certainly take a look at Julian Phiilips, Walsh’s teammate at Link Academy.

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so many coaches fired and some already replaced, therefore high entropy in whomever is truly left in the recruiting world. We were/are involved in so many to have only one potential scholly. I do believe AB stands above all, but all 3 LSU decommits are attractive, the Mizzou guy and more plus portal potential. I hope we generate some favorable television pub for what is left in this tournament run, potential high impact if we do.

Phillips would certainly strengthen our inside game. Is he a serious 3-pt threat?

Phillips is a small forward, not an inside guy.

He is more of perimeter player, especially as it projects to college.

Yes, he can shoot the 3, but doesn’t look for it much - just like Jordan Walsh

Thanks, Dudley.

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