Hogs after equipment breaking LB

Arkansas did a two hour virtual tour with coach Stowe, Martez, his older brother Woody, and his grandma Norma

I say they want Martez.

Arkansas coaches will do a Zoom call with Thrower tomorrow.

He’s a big priority for the Hogs.

that’s an impressive film. he has a burst!

who was the FB who kept breaking face masks a few years ago? loved that guy.


Kiero small

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Thrower is expected to have a zoom meeting with Rhoades in the morning.

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The Zoom has been moved to 1 o’clock.

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Holy moley, forget the size and speed for a second. The two things that stick out to me:

  1. He is constantly in a good position to make a play.

  2. He wraps up on the tackle.

This looks like a keeper to me.