Hogs add WR grad transfer

Story: http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2018 … -receiver/

Chase is the third OV I hinted at prior to the June 3-5 visits.



:smiley: #WPS

Whoaaaaaaaa…that kid looks to be in fantastic shape and ready to roll already! Very impressed that he already graduated from KU in 2 1/2 years!

RD - just curious if you know about the 40 times. Will he be a true WR playing the “Courtland Sutton” spot (9 or 10 or 12…can’t remember) or will he be more of a TE?

6’3" 4.4 speed. He was as the one that brother was murdered in December. Sounds like he was trying to get closer to home.

Physically, he’s an intriguing prospect. The 4.4 may or may not be true, and who knows if he can do anything more than run in a straight line, but the size and physical development remind me of Cody Hollister. It’s encouraging that Houston tried to recruit him coming out of high school.

He caught 25 passes, including 3 TDs last year for a Kansas offense that had pretty bad QB play and no running game to help guys get open. I feel really confident that he will have better QBs throwing to him and more of a running game to make getting open easier at Arkansas.

I also like that the staff seems to be working to build a WR corps with diverse size and abilities. It’s easier to exploit the other guy’s defensive weaknesses when you have different guys who can do different things at receiver.

I’m thinking that Morris can pick up the phone, make a few calls, and know everything he needs to know about this kid, being from Texas. I’m got a feeling we are going to find some diamonds in the rough in Texas.

Bring it on!

Does immediately eligible mean for the upcoming 2018 season or the 2019 season?

He can play this coming season.

Not thinking that learning the playbook or blocking is going to be a problem with this guy. Nice pick up!

What about him gives you this optimism?

Harrell was named to the Big 12 Commissioner’s Honor Roll and Athletic Director’s Honor Roll in the spring of 2017 and 2015.

Wow that’s a tremendous achievement…,I like our wide receiver group just our qb group still makes me nervous :weary:

Any update on Jared Cornelius’ rehab? Is he 100 percent yet?

He’s been at camp and he’s not wearing a boot or anything.

Thanks…that’s good news…Do you think, when healthy, he’s the best wide receiver we have?

What about Koilan Jackson? Has he began full participation? It seems he is forgotten among the group.

Sounds like the big boundary receiver that Morris needs in his system. Still need playmakers to step up or will have to go get them . Roster has lot’s bodies already on this position, so taking him rather than Oline is rather telling.

Kofi just retired so I seems he is a replacement for him so the numbers at WR still remain the same