Hogs add former 5-star CB transfer from Georgia

Jaheim Singletary, who entered the portal on January 13.

This is being reported on another site.

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Yeah supposedly Sam mentioned it in his spring training presser.

This is huge news… would like to know what his situation is for transferring…

Hopefully he will live up to that five star ranking

Played in only two games as a freshman. That might explain why he looked elsewhere.

Wow! What a great addition for this team.

Yeah I’m pretty sure it’s hard for a freshman to break into a lineup loaded with incredible talent at Georgia.
The fact that he played in two games though tells you he at least has talent enough to play as a freshman which on a team like Georgia is a pretty good accomplishment I would think.

He is 6’2 which is absolutely awesome if he has the speed and fluidness in his hips but I’m glad we got him…I think he can really help us


Portal recruiting has become as important as HS recruiting in these crazy times. Good job staff. That Woodson guy is top notch! :sunglasses::smirk:


Possibly more important.

Having only played two games, he can get that year back. So he has four years left even without a COVID year.


You beat me to it. I’d say it has probably become more important than HS recruiting. In fact, it seems HS kids are almost destined to transfer after a year or two. Perhaps that’s just my imagination, but it feels like everyone is entering the portal. Just got to get better than you lose.

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One reason losing White didn’t sting as much as in the past. Staying put like KJ is a thing of the past.

With CSP’s & Kirby’s mutually amicable relationship during & after CSP’s time at UGA, would not surprise me if both coaches discussed this transfer & that Kirby recommended (once Singletary decided to enter the portal), if not endorsed, Singletary’s move to Arkansas. Unless I hear otherwise, understand that both CSP & Kirby are old school coaches who have integrity & mutual respect.


The new rules are going to scale things back a bit, since almost all undergrads will only get one free(immediately eligible) transfer starting next fall. There will still be lots of transfers, but the double transfer for any one but a grad student will be out for anyone not willing to sit for a year.

Singletary has a great high school resume, but he disappeared after mid-September until he got on the field at least briefly in the NC game, like everybody else that dressed out. Not sure if there was an injury or just not being ready, but he did not have any stats in the three games where he got on the field.

It’s a great pickup. We got a young guy with all kinds of potential who had the benefit of practicing for a full year with the national champions.


I agree, he is a GREAT portal pick up. Singleton was ranked #25 overall and the #5 CB recruit in the class of 2022. On that unreal GA defense, you would probably have to be the #1 CB recruit in the country just to be a backup. I’d bet he’ll be a starter for us by the first SEC game, if not earlier, next season.

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If we really are going to run more pressures off a 4-2-5 base, having several CBs that can cover will be necessary. Right now we’ve got a nice pair of starters but you really need depth at that position.

I’m not sure Singletary will come in and take either starter’s job, but I do think he has a very solid chance to be on the field a lot, with the idea of being a starter when Nudie goes to the pros after this coming season.

Unless you see him playing somewhere besides corner, I will take that bet. I don’t think he starts next year in front of McGlothern or McAdoo. I could see him providing good minutes as a back up and I really like the pickup.

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Does this leave us with 8 openings on the roster after the addition of Singletary?

He say why he chose us?

Great pick up for NE: CSP and staff for getting it done. WPS

He hasn’t said anything to anyone that I can find. His Twitter does not reflect joining us either; last thing he tweeted was entering the portal.

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I would assume that all 3 will start. McGlothern will definitely start at corner. I’m thinking McAdoo will start at WR where we lost 2 starters. If not, and the coaches want to keep him on defense, then, in a 4-2-5 defense, McAdoo would start at corner or nickel while Singletary would start the other spot. I would think, since Singletary will not be here for spring practice, he would more than likely stick with corner and McAdoo would play a lot of nickel this spring and end up there. Remember, I also said Singletary would start by SEC season (4th game this year).

Since McAdoo was recruited as a 4-star WR, and that seems to be a major need for us next season, I would imagine that they would give him a long look there this spring.