Hogs / A&M in Dallas

I read somewhere that Ark and A&M might be in favor of a home and home series and each keep a game in Big D against a non conference opponent. That sounds like a win/win for everyone involved. Any mention of this lately?

Arkansas’ position is that Texas A&M signed the contract and has to honor it. I wouldn’t be surprised if you read that Texas A&M would be happy with that kind of restructuring of the agreement, but nothing I’ve heard from Arkansas’ administration makes me believe they would be happy with it.

Well, I would get out of it in a new York second, if I was Arkansas. Arkansas won’t because it’s their boy Jerry Jones’ deal. It is just like a home game for A&M because it is a lot closer to my college station.

We want that game, and not just because it’s Jerry. Our administration believes it helps recruit not only players, but regular students, from the DFW area.

It’s not like a home game for aTm. I would continue to play there.

In no way has it ever been a home game for A&M.

The tickets are split evenly and I can remember no game when there was a big percentage of one team’s fans over the others.

It’s just like Texas-Oklahoma without the Fair

Was there this past fall. Plenty of Arkey there, but there was more A&M. Certainly not like a home game for A&M with 100+K, nor like a home game for Arkansas. I found it fun until the Oline could not move 2 in 11 or so snaps and the D just kept leaving the middle wide open or played touch in the second half - we saw plaenty of that later in the season. Still, the site and the surrounding were very good until we quit playing.