Hogs a 7 seed now at Bracket Matrix

Assuming their group assessment is anywhere near correct, we’re in. Call it one seed line drop per loss, if that (since it’s going to be at least 2 and probably 3 Quadrant 1 games). Right now, there are 110 brackets included in their roundup; that seems to vary a bit from day to day as new brackets come out.

Auburn and EOE are 3s now.

Kentucky’s a 5

Aggies and us are 7s.

Florida’s an 8, Bama’s a 9.

Misery is a 10.

The top 5 are named in all 110 brackets. Florida’s on 109, Bama on 106, Misery on 105.

Moo U is in last four out, named on 17 of the 110. LSU is only named on 5.

A bracket-related note I had missed: UAPB is currently second in the SWAC standings. But first-place Grambling is ineligible for the NCAA tournament due to APR issues, so the Golden Lions have the inside track to the SWAC’s annual berth in Dayton. Of course they’ll have to win the tournament in Houston to get there.

Swine do you feel comfortable about a 7 seed if the hogs go 1-1 this week? And then win a couple in the SEC tournament?

The seeding has never concerned me. If you win the first game, the competition with get tougher. To get to the Final Four, you will have to face the best teams, regardless.

as you progress through the brackets.

However, seeding IS important when it comes to making the Sweet 16 … which you gotta do before you can talk Final Four.

#1s make it 86.8% of the time; then there’s a big drop off for the #2s through the #4s:
#2s make it 63.2%
#3s make it 50.8%
#4s make it 46.1%

By those numbers, a 5/12, 6/11, or 7/10 Seed is statistically “better” than the “kiss of death” 8/9 Seed.

My $0.02.