Hogs 8th in AP

Looking at the difference between ap rankings and lunardis projected bracket. I admit I find it a little crazy the hogs are even in conversation for a two seed, BUT It’s total BS if Ohio state gets a 2 seed ahead of us. They lost their last 4 in a row! I don’t care if you played the golden state warriors four times, ok maybe bad example, but I don’t care if you played big bad Gonzaga 4 times you don’t lose 4 in a row if you’re a legit elite 8 team.

It’s Ohio State. they only have to play 5 football games to get in the Final Four of football. they can have multiple players guilty of NCAA violations, adn stil play them all in a bowl game and punish them “later”.

I’ll be surprised if they DON’T get a 2 seed.


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Funny story about Pel. I have a lot of Kentucky friends and former co-workers. When we fired Pel they were all calling me asking me how we could fire that fine Kentucky boy. They were all mad. I asked each one “would you hire him at Kentucky”. That shut them up.

Remember we had been dumped after 24 hours by Dana Altman after he found out what a dumpster fire Stan was leaving him. I’m sure word got around the coaching fraternity why Altman left and we wound up with someone who was so desperate to get a major job that he didn’t care. Pel did clean up some of Stan’s off-court mess, and Mike made further improvement. If Mike had ever made a Sweet 16 he might still have been here, and he had two good chances in 15 and 17. But Mike got things where Muss could build on them (left him IJ and Mason for one thing).

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