Hogs 8th in AP

Up from 12th

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For all the times we used to be consistently ranked, this is how it is supposed to be for Razorback basketball. Not just the NR days, but from 1977-85, there weren’t many weeks we weren’t ranked. All of the Eddie Sutton teams, which is where the Razorback basketball fan base was really developed. It just carried on from there

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This year kinda reminds me of the 1977 season, when nobody expected that much for the second year with the Triplets. We did get into the top 20 (polls only went 20 deep then) in December, lost to Tiger High in LR after Christmas and then got on that roll and got up to #6 before we crashed in the second half against Wake. (Yes, 26-1 was only good enough for #6; that’s how little people thought of the SWC). But nobody was even sure if we’d make the tournament at all if we didn’t win the SWCT. Fortunately, the format then was regular season champ only had to win one, and we won it by 6. But as January and February went on and the team kept winning, the state kept getting more and more excited.

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Single digit before your name. Savoring every minute of it.
Two tournaments and few wins away from creating a monster to feed.

Looked it up. We were ranked from mid-December on in 76-77. All season in the top 10 in 77-78. Started the season unranked in 78-79 but was in the top 20 by New Year’s and spent the rest of the year there. Only ranked for three weeks in December in 79-80. Started and ended the year ranked in 80-81 but had seven weeks unranked in January and February. Ranked all year in 81-82. Ranked all year in 82-83. Dipped in and out of the polls a couple of times in 83-84 but were there to stay after beating UNC in Pine Bluff. Only ranked the first two weeks of the season in 84-85, and then Eddie crawled off to Lexington.

Arkansas has had the facilities and we have the fans. We have been missing the right coach since Nolan left. Why it took this long is a great mystery, but we now have a coach that can get the right players and knows how to get them to reach their maximum potential. I have no doubt that an average coach would have at least 3 to 4 more losses with these same players. This team is still learning and improving. Very excited for what happens over the next 4 weeks. WPS

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Being ranked 8th in the AP and Coaches Polls is awesome. Maybe our hogs can keep it up! CEM can flat out coach. Crootin will improve for our hogs.

CEM was seen buying a Harley today in Fayetteville. :slight_smile:

Bad joke even if it is true!

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Quietly, the 76 season produced a pretty good Hog team, but clearly the 77 season was spectacular (my favorite). 77 was sorta the result of Sutton and the team congealing. And that’s where this team is similar; Muss’s second year along with some very fine plug n play additions and top notch HS recruiting, good coaching/development/buy-in.

OK, now. Harley’s are not bad. Just sometimes a bad person may buy a Harley. There should not be guilt by association with occasionally bad people.

I hope Muss buys a Harley (and rides it very carefully) if he wants to. We know he’s a good guy and riding a Harley won’t change that. Northwest Arkansas has one of the best annual events for Harley riders with the Bikes, Blues, and BBQ event each year. And yes, there will probably be a few “bad people” attending that event.

The group that my wife and I rode with to the seemingly endless week and week-end Harley runs, in South Florida included a policeman, 2 firemen, a doctor, a couple construction execs and their spouses.

Harleys are good, even therapeutic at times.

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No disrespect at all toward Harley’s. It was just a joke that the last time our football team was nationally relevant, it went into the ditch with CBP’s Harley ride. It’s hard for Razorback fan’s to enjoy success some times. We were a dropped foul ball from probably winning a national championship in baseball.

Oh no, I didn’t take it that way. My whole post was somewhat “tongue in cheek”. Just taking up for Harleys. And, it is true that many people associate Harley’s with gangs only. Movies and TV shows cause some of that.

Hope he’s too busy to ride it way past April 1!

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Lots of lawyers ride Harleys, too!

I’ve also wondered why it took so long to find a replacement for Nolan.

My current best guess, short version, is “John White and Jeff Long”. I’m open to other ideas, if we learn from this, then maybe we won’t repeat another 20 year long suckage.


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John White… :face_vomiting:

I give Jeff Long credit for getting CMA back here. While CMA may not have won like we hoped, he is a damn good coach and improved the program in many ways.


Some of the decisions were very reasonable decisions at the time. Heath. I thought it was a good hire at the time. I was very wrong, but I thought it was a good decision. Pel, that one blows my mind. Hard to believe we couldn’t do better. I realize lots of things went wrong, but the day they hired Pel I knew we were in trouble. Mike. I was one of the few who didn’t think he was a good choice. But it was considered a great hire at the time. I was worried about his recruiting and I think I was proven correct. That said, he made a lot of progress with the program, just not enough.

Following a legend is hard. Following a legend that got fired and therefore created a divided fan base and a lot of bad will all around? Next to impossible!

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Agree, greg, I was living in Ann Arbor when we hired heath. several of my big 10 friends, especially a couple Penn State guys, were VERY upset that an SEC team got Heath. they really wanted Heath to go to the big 10. I was also very happy to hire heath. sigh.

when Pelfrey was hired, I was at Holy Souls for the LR Razorback club’s meeting to welcome him. Craig ONeal was Reverend Hog, it was a fun night. Pelfrey made a great first impression, he really knew razorback history, our players and accomplishments. US Reid walked in the back of the room, and Pelfrey spotted him IMMEDIATELY and gave him props. I was so excited. then we beat OU and Texas, and we were BACK!!! uhhhhhh, im nauseated thinking about the rest of the pelfrey time here.

I guess what I’m saying is…thank goodness I’m not our AD, lol