Hogs #7 now in "realtime RPI"

What a difference when you win a road game against a Power 5 team early in the season.

Yes, I know, RPI this early is pretty meaningless, but at least we are being noticed.


According to Lunardi (yesterday) RPI is meaningless period. Not just early

It never meant as much as people thought it did, and now it means even less. The NCAA isn’t doing its NET rankings yet this season, which is the metric they’re using in place of RPI. But RPI gives us something to talk about now.

Warren Nolan also has us 7th; it was 10th immediately after the game and 20th yesterday morning so we jumped 13 spots. But James Madison is 8th, right below us. JMU is 4-2 (3-2 against D-I) with road losses to George Mason and (much more importantly) Virginia, which is the #1 RPI team at the moment (Virginia beat them by 31). So their high RPI is purely because they played/got crushed by the #1 team. It won’t stay there. They do have a road win at Old Dominion though so I’ll give them credit for that.

It may be worthless but I still like 7 instead of 75 or 80.

Very true