Hogs 3rd in RPI just a few minutes ago!

How many more wins does it take for a super regional host now?

Top 8 RPI probably needs 1 win, two at most. Whether that translates to top 8 seed is up to the committee. Winning the Georgia series would seal it.

I’m thinking 2 to guarantee, but 1 will probably do it. Might get one without another win, but I don’t want to chance that. A win tomorrow at least gives us breathing room.

Remember, it’s not only the chance to host the super, but we want a high seed. The higher our seed, the lower our likely opponent in the super. (I don’t want to count the regional as a gimme, of course.)

There has been a suprise with our starting pitchers going at least 7 innings these first 2 games. If Campbell can do the same tomorrow it would be huge. I would like to see the hogs win tomorrow to get the sweep and also give some confidence to Campbell. If he can go 4 or 5 it would be nice.
Does anyone know anything about Texas A&M’s starter for tomorrow?

About the only thing you need to know is he was their Friday starter last year. He’s going to be tough.

Oregon State has jumped over us tonight. The Beavers have already won their weekend series with #2 Stanford and go for the sweep tomorrow. I think today’s score was 10-0.

I think it boils down to how many of the 8 spots can come from the
SEC. Right now, with Florida taking 1 (no question) can the SEC get
2 more spots. With Ole Piss sweeping Auburn today and having only
cellar-dweller Bama left, they could very well pass us for the SEC West
title. That would give them about equal RPI with us and they hold the
head to head. We have a very very very tough road series left with
a top 10 team Georgia, and we have not won a road series yet this year.

So considering all that, can the SEC get 3 of the top 8? I have a horrid
feeling if they only get 2, it will be Florida and Ole Miss. If we hold on
and win the west, I think its a lock, but if Ole Miss wins the west, then
we may need some major noise in the SEC and an early Ole Miss exit
to overcome them. I think we are guarenteed a regional, but hosting
a super is clearly on the edge and could be fading.

Now for my wish. We beat Tam tomorrow, and sweep Georgia, then
none of this matters. And while I’m at it, lets pull for some Bama
magic to slap the face of those rebs.

I don’t think there will be any issue with the SEC getting 3 Top 8 seeds

In fact, they could get 4

The only thing that might get us is our losing road record. I read somewhere that a team with a losing road record has been a Top 8 only once. And it was us then

One thing everybody needs to remember. A great pitching performance can shut down a better team. Alabama’s Walters just threw a gem against LSU. He might do the same against Ole Miss. An Ole Miss sweep in T-Town is not a given.

I wrote that. It was Arkansas in 2004.

And the Baum home cooking got us to Omaha that year.

I looked at the Top 12 teams. I do not believe #13 could jump us, unless a sweep happens. Anyways, #5 GA is listed as having an 11-11 road record. They play @FL today. If FL sweeps, GA ends with a losing road record. #7 Ole Miss is 10-8 and have four road games left, again they could end up with a losing road record. #9 TT is 11-10 and has three games @Okie Light left. #11 AUB is 7-12, currently. They have 1 road game left. #10 FSU ended their road games at 9-9. So, there is definitely a chance a team or teams with losing road records make it. Seeing how we are the highest rank, I think we have a good shot at being in. Of course winning the series at GA should clinch it.