Hogs 32nd in both polls

Got 10 points in both AP and coaches balloting. Not close to re-entering top 25 in either one. I would expect us to be in the post-bowl ranking if we finish 9-4 though.

5th in the SEC West.
7th in the SEC in Total Offense
10th in the SEC in Total Defense
7th in the SEC in Scoring Offense
11th in the SEC in Scoring Defense

32nd doesn’t sound too bad.

As somebody posted in another thread tonight, it’s a scoreboard, not a yardboard.

Stats are skewed by four blowout losses. We could be significantly better in scoring and yardage defense and still be 7-4.

Statistical rankings can be very misleading anyway. A team that plays one P5 opponent & 11 teams from the MAC & Sunbelt might have very good statistics & be nowhere nearly as good a team. After the first game of the season the team that leads the nation with most yards per game will have played the team that’s last place by giving up the most yards per game. One can brag they “lead the nation with the best ground game” but the critic might say, “So. You played the team that gives up the most yards.”

It’s a nice cliche but this team broke school records the last two years for yards allowed. Yards almost always translate to points.

Cliches often get to be cliches because they’re generally true.

The point here is not that we’re not giving up a lot of yards and points. We are, including some games that we’ve won, like last night. Stevie Wonder can see that. The point is that our per-game averages have been skewed by getting clobbered in all four losses. We have not lost a close game yet. When we lose, we lose by at least 17 points and give up a whole bunch of yards, and thus the defensive numbers in those four losses (and by extension the whole season) don’t necessarily reflect a team that is 7-4 in the best conference.

I am just as unhappy with our defense as anyone else. That said, if we beat Missouri, we will be 8-4 in by far the hardest division in the hardest conference in the land. Where we need to be? No. Where I want us to be? No. But still not chopped liver.

With CBB, we have gotten use to competing. Even if we lose, its typically close. This year has been a bit strange. When we lose, we lose big. Then we bounce back and play well.

Crazy season. Overall, I am happy with the team. our offense is, for the most part, great. O-line is clearly getting better. Just really losing faith in Robb Smith. Our defense is really bad.