Hogs 3, Misery 0 at halftime

Kayla McKeon with two UA goals, the second one minute before halftime. Then Anna Podojil scored with :02 left to make it 3-0.

Shots were 18-1 in the first half and I frankly don’t remember their one. They couldn’t get the ball past the center circle most of the half.

Well it would be nice to see the Hogs get back to back shut outs!

No shutout but we’re up 6-1. That will do. Dulaney and Goins got goals 4 and 6. I was on the phone and missed #5. Goins scored from at least 30 yards out.

I’m no soccer expert but Missouri frankly looked awful

Duininck scored the fifth goal.

Agreed, but Hogs made them look awful. Nolan would have been proud of our press tonight. Misery actually defended pretty well in the box for 44 minutes and then things pretty much imploded.

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