Hogs 29th again in AP hoops poll

If we beat Auburn and Misery next week, we’ll be ranked.

Coaches poll has us 31st, by the way.

You have it pegged! Beat some good teams and yes they will be ranked.

It amazes me sometimes how high we tend to raise the bar. Our first game, a road game against a talented Auburn team will be tough. Our first home game against Misery might be dang tough. I’m in there with you, though, win those two games and we should be ranked…although I really feel that if we win those two games we’ll be a top 16 team.

Covid changed the non conference schedule so we really don’t know how good or tough our hogs are! They will get tested over the next few weeks. They have to earn being ranked.

Look at Kentucky’s schedule? How many SEC teams would be 1-6 with that schedule? Possibly every one of them. I don’t like Kentucky at all, but my guess is they are still one of the best teams in the SEC.

Exactly. They really needed a good road game against a respected opponent plus a couple at home. But it is what it is. Hopefully, the fact that some of our opponents were inferior caused a lack of intensity that will be there now.

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