Hogs 27th in AP poll, 26th in coaches

Which are of course largely meaningless now that the CFP is ranking teams, but anyway.

Didn’t make top 25 AP?


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Shows that modern polls are more about the nice records regardless of conference strengths etc.

Nice for the Cincinnati’s and Coastal Carolinas and Rajun Cajuns and all.

None of whom play a regular season diet at Death Valley and Tuscaloosa and the like.

Even as bad as TX is, if our three remaining games were Kansas, West VA, and Kansas State I assume our record looks better. Not sure it mean so better team.

Would not mind having Wake or Cincinnati’s schedule either for just one year to run the tables as well.

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I’m disappointed. Thought we’d be ranked. We’ve played 5 ranked teams and beaten two of them. No losses to unbranded teams. Except for UAPB, even the unranked teams we beat aren’t bad.

Actually, Texass is the only NC team on our schedule who is decent. The Krispies are 3-6 and Georgia Southern is 2-7 and fired its coach.

Maybe it’s the TX win that is not as impressive to pollsters anymore - as TX has deteriorated all season and now w losing record.

The various strength of schedule rankings aren’t all that favorable for us. Sagarin has it #22, teamrankings.com has #15, powerrankingsguru.com has #20. It’ll go up some with Bama and LSU but not that much. ESPN has it #4 though, with the remaining schedule #3.

The hogs are getting better and they fight! That’s all I really expected going into this season! With 6 wins and 3 games left to play there’s no reason for anyone to feel disappointed with the polls! Just let the season play out then we’ll see where the hogs stand!


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