Hogs #24 in coaches poll & #24 in AP

I’m actually surprised we were only 24 in the coaches poll. Last week TCU was 12th in this poll. They dropped TCU completely out of their poll from 12th! Hogs just 7 points behind FL in the AP poll.

edit: to include AP poll in the subject line.

I wish we were a bit higher, but this time of year the main thing is simply being in it. And we’re in at 2-0. Keep winning & we’ll make a steady climb. Ole Miss plays Alabama next. I’m betting on the Tide. That’ll mean the black bears will be 1-2 after 3 games. If they don’t fall out completely, they’ll fall below us. If we can beat A&M in two weeks we’ll be well into the higher end. Perhaps top 15 or better.

1-0 in all things. The rest will take care of themselves.

One game at a time. No looking ahead or back. Never Yield and Uncommon wins games.

We are sitting right where we need to be and usually where we perform better under the radar

September has a chance to be really really special