Hogs #23 in first NET ratings

The NCAA replacement for RPI which includes some metrics as well as strength of schedule type stuff. Auburn is the only SEC team ahead of us.

That would equate to a 6 seed by the way.

Kentucky isn’t in the top 50. North Carolina is 95th. Heels are in deep trouble.

NET ratings

This should be updated daily from here on out.

North Carolina lost to Wofford at home last night. It was the second time in three years Wofford beat UNC at the Dean Dome.

I can’t help but think of the people upset Arkansas didn’t beat Wofford by more in the tournament a few years ago. That’s a good program.

At first I thought this pertained to our gridiron team…:wink:

Actually yesterday wasn’t in the Dean Dome. They played a throwback game in old Carmichael Auditorium. Wofford didn’t cooperate with the nostalgia though. It was their first game in Carmichael since 1986.

Meanwhile Clemson is 0-59 all-time in Chapel Hill. I watched a little bit of Clemson vs the Poultry last night but I didn’t see the final score (edit: Poultry pulled away in the second half and won by 13 at Clemson). Clemson plays in the Dean Dome January 11. If they can’t win this time they may never win.

Wofford’s next game is at Duke by the way. Back to back road upsets?

UNC’s women stayed in Carmichael instead of moving to the Dome, so it’s remained in use for hoops unlike Barnhill. They also have volleyball, gymnastics and wrestling there. Actually the men’s team did play an NIT game at Carmichael in 2010 because the Dome was booked for something else, but yesterday was the first regular season game in 33 years.

Good catch, moving.

If Wofford beats Duke at Cameron Indoor the world will be turned upside down. Wofford has played a brutal schedule by the way.

I suspect Cole Anthony is back by then. His absence makes a world of difference

Wofford (7-4 record) is #152 in NET today and #125 in Pomeroy,. Overall SOS is only #215 per Pomeroy (slightly tougher than ours at #226) so it ain’t that bad, yet, but it’ll get a lot tougher Thursday night.

Also noticed Lunardi dropped us to a 10 seed and back on the bubble (last 4 byes). Guess only playing one game a week hurts us?

wouldn’t that be nice.

It’s December. I’m not worried about Lunardi. We’re not exactly playing the toughest opposition lately while others are, so that may explain the change. But it will all shake out in the end.

I agree, just found it interesting after we lost we stayed a 9 seed. Didn’t play for a week, won a game, and we dropped a line. Makes no sense

Texas Tech went from not on the bracket at all to a 9 seed after beating Louisville. That probably dropped us from #36 to #37, which equals a 10 seed.

Our RPI on Warren Nolan is #12 today, by the way.

I like any ranking system that has us ranked higher than Kentucky.

Warren Nolan’s projections still have us winning the SEC regular season at 16-2 and finishing 27-4 overall. Losses at Indiana, at LSU and at Tennessee. Beating Auburn (which is #7 in NET), winning at Florida, beating Kentucky.

Yes, Anthony’s absence was a big problem. It is even bigger now because as a young team they have not jelled yet.

You’re probably right but UNC is being quite vague about his injury. “Indefinitely” is the word they’re using now. The Clemson game is almost four weeks away so he would have had to tear or break something to be out that long with a knee, I think.

Pomeroy holding at 22-9 & 11-7 sec.

Definitely an upset if WN is more accurate than KP. :sunglasses:

I’d take that and run right now, actually. We wouldn’t have to sweat Selection Sunday, only our seeding and first-round matchup.

Oh No Doubt .