Hogs 20th in this way-too-early top 25

They expect Mase and IJ to return but also noted that Vanover, Notae and Moody could all start immediately.

Kentucky, LSU and Tennessee are all ranked above us. I know we’ll play LSU twice and won’t play Tennessee twice (because we played them twice this year) but I don’t know if we get the Jellycats twice; I can’t find anything on the schedule rotation.

Agree with all SEC teams ranked except LSU. The guys mentioned, even if they stay, don’t hold a candle to the depth and talent Arkansas will have next season.

I still hold that in the SEC next season, if there is a next season, that the SEC is going to be won by Kentucky, Tennessee, or Arkansas. LSU is a flash in the pan that will start out hot, but fizzle out quick.

LSU this year was not the same team without PG Waters. They have Cam Thomas coming in. He is very special. If Watford,Smart and Williams come back, they will have more star power than Arkansas.

Williams, Watford and Thomas are 5 stars. Then Smart, Wilkinson, Days and Gains are 4 stars.

For Arkansas, Moody is a 5 star. Davis, KK, Williams and Joe are 4 stars.

Of course you can convert Mason and Joe to 5 stars. And LSU can convert Smart to a 5 star.

You can say it is apples and oranges. But LSU will be definitely loaded and will have a floor general they didn’t have last year.

I’m in a holding pattern on LSU. Later this month when the HBO documentary airs and Will Wade is on tape let’s see how the crooks in the LSU Athletic Department respond! My guess is he won’t be in Baton Rouge next season and his record will be vacated! Smart won’t be able to play and it won’t surprise me to see Wadford and a few more transfer if Wade get canned!

How are you classifying that Moses is a 5 star?

You are right. I recall he was rated a 5 star by one service at one point, but was downgraded later to a 4 star. Still a high 4 star though.

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