Hogs 20th in AP this week

Poll released at noon ET exactly.

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This is the program’s highest AP ranking since the March 2, 2015, poll.

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As Scottie’s article shows, the Hogs have now been ranked for a total of 12 weeks over the past 7 seasons.

Those numbers prompted me to put the last 3 decades into perspective……(the only disclaimer being, info came from media guide, but I don’t include weeks that Hogs might have been ranked preseason before the first game was played)……

(Hogs were never ranked during the season of Nolan’s 4th year, 1988-89, but finished ranked #17 after a 2nd round appearance in the NCAAT. This was the 2nd appearance in the rankings under Nolan, as the first came for a single week in his 2nd season, when we beat Danny Manning and Kansas at Barnhill in '86)

1989-90: Nolan Richardson’s 5th season. Ranked for 19 weeks, all 36 games. Highest ranking #3
1990-91: Ranked for 21 weeks, all 38 games. Highest ranking #2
19991-92: Ranked for 16 weeks, all 34 games. Highest ranking #2
1992-93: Ranked for 17 weeks, unranked first 3 games, then all remaining 28. Highest ranking #8
1993-94: NC Season. Ranked for 15 weeks, all 34 games. Ranked #1 for 17 games
1994-95: Runner-up. Ranked for 21 weeks, all 39 games. Ranked #1 for 2 games
1995-96: Ranked for 3 weeks, total of 3 games. Highest ranking #16
1996-97: Ranked for 7 weeks, total of 8 games. Highest ranking #16
1997-98: Ranked for 19 weeks, total of 29 games. Highest ranking #12
1998-99: Ranked for 16 weeks, total of 28 games. Highest ranking #17
1999-00: Never ranked. Broke a streak of 10 straight years of being ranked, but only season Hogs have won SEC Tournament.
2000-01: Ranked for 6 weeks, total of 10 games. Highest ranking #15
2001-02: Never ranked. Coach Richardson’s last season.
2002-03 through 2006-07: Stan Heath years. Never ranked, but did make NCAAT in final 2 years (losing in 1st round both years)
2007-08: John Pelphrey’s first year. Ranked for 3 weeks, total of 4 games. Highest ranking #18. Finished runner-up in SECT, interrupted by the tornado. Beat Indiana, then lost to UNC in NCAAT.
2008-09 through 2010-11: Pelphrey’s final 3 years. Never ranked.
2011-12 through 2013-14: Anderson’s first 3 years. Never ranked.

To review:

  • During a 10 year period, 1989-90 through 1998-99, years 5-14 under Coach Richardson, the Hogs were ranked every week 5 of those seasons, and at least for 3 weeks in every season. That comes to a total of 154 weeks ranked, and a total of 277 games played!!

  • 2 of Coach Richardson’s last 3 seasons, Hogs were never ranked

  • Hogs were never ranked under Heath. At his firing after the 2007 season, Hogs had been unranked for 7 of the previous 8 years.

  • Hogs were unranked for 6 of the 8 seasons coached by Mike Anderson, including his first 3… Of the 10 weeks the Hogs were ranked under Anderson, 9 of those weeks came during the 2014-15 season (Portis’ sophomore year). The only other week the Hogs were ranked under Anderson was the single week in January of his 7th season.

If Coach Musselman is still here for another 10 years, it will be interesting to revisit these numbers… but, without a doubt, Coach Richardson set a standard that will be very difficult to beat.

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