Hogs 16th in United Soccer Coaches poll

From not receiving votes last week after beating Baylor and UNC.

We’re ranked behind SoCar and A&M but ahead of Vandy.

United Soccer Coaches women’s poll

If you like high work ethic and speed, this is the team for you. They are fun to watch. I’m impressed with what Colby Hale continues to do in recruiting and the toughness with which his players bring to the field.

I thought they generally outplayed Mobilehoma but missed some chances and then the Paperclips got a garbage goal in overtime (which is also pretty much what happened in the NCAA match with Virginia Tech that I covered last November). But the offense is clicking now. They could be really dangerous in SEC play.

Arkansas has allowed one goal in 720 minutes of regulation. It has been incredible to watch this team play defense.

With the observation of only one game in mind, I’d have to say this team is for real. I loved their defense and the counter attacks were a thing of beauty. I haven’t seen a live college game in probably 16 years, since my daughter was playing. But this team has rekindled my addiction. I will definitely be back.

North Carolina is always elite, but the Razorbacks proved to me they belong right there with them. I don’t think a lot of folks realize what a win this was. Here’s a couple of tidbits about that:

The two goal loss was only the 5th such loss in 821 games for the Tar Heels since 1985. All time the Tar Heels have compiled a record of 854-75-40 and won 22 National Championships. Think about that.

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I thought it was a compliment to Colby Hale that Anson Dorrance would bring his team to Fayetteville. Then, to beat North Carolina, that’s a whole different level. Arkansas soccer has arrived.

I was watching Coach Dorrance. Early on it seemed that he was sitting back in the shade and letting his team play. However, in the 2nd half, and especially after the first goal, he was out there in the sun standing up seemingly very concerned that apparently his team had run into a buzz saw. It sure was fun!

It was fun having you there and the bonus was that you could answer my questions!

Thanks Marty! I had a blast! My knowledge of college rules and timing stuff is very rusty.

But, I will certainly be back for more games. WPS!!!

Sarah was pleasantly surprised to find Jim and Marty in the stands. Soccer fans tend to find each other, too.

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I spoke to him before the game. We were talking about Alabama football and Kentucky basketball and how those teams seem to always get a team’s best effort, especially when they go on the road. He said that happens to them, too, and that he is grateful for it because of how much better it makes his team.

UNC will learn from the loss to Arkansas and it will make those players better. It is similar to how Arkansas lost to Oklahoma early in the season. I think that loss got the team’s attention and they have played lights out since then.

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Few questions for the Fútbol nuts.

How many games does AR need to win in the SEC to go to the NCAAT?

Also, how do they stack up against the rest of the league?

Do you think they’ll make the SECCG again?

I think Arkansas’ style of play sets up well for a week-long tournament, but I don’t think there is any way to confidently predict what teams will make a tournament championship game. It’s like any other sport’s conference tournament where there are surprises every year.

Arkansas is in great shape right now for the NCAA Tournament and probably would be a first-round host. I think a .500 record or even slightly below .500 record in the SEC would be good enough to make the tournament. Those wins over North Carolina and Baylor are major feathers in the hat.

The Razorbacks were picked to finish sixth in the SEC this year but they typically outperform expectations. The class of the league is South Carolina and Texas A&M. I think third place is kind of a toss up right now. The Arkansas-Vanderbilt game next Thursday will be interesting to watch.

They beat TAM last year and I wouldn’t put it past them to do it again. You don’t lose if you put up clean sheets, and that’s what Colby has them doing. Even the Clips needed overtime to finally put the ball in the net.