Hogs #16 in CBS preseason 1-to-131 ranking

And Cincy is #17. Let’s just get to it right out of the gate…

Bama #1 of course. Aggies #9, BYU #26, Flopnecks #27, LSU #31, Moo U 35, Auburn 47, Poultry 53, Misery 67, Liberty 74, Petrino State not rated as FCS.

Interesting that Cincy is ranked higher than Houston. I notice this poll is based on balloting of CBS Sports Staff and 24/7 Representatives. I suspect it is biased toward more successful 24/7 franchisees thereby larger staff numbers unless there is some ballot distribution to create a more statistical verifiable representation. The rankings of Utah might be expected but not the omission of BYU. Horsetrading no doubt.

Cincy did beat UH fairly handily last season. BYU has a very tough schedule, and no KJ…although they get to see him closely.

Plus Houston was picked to win the conference this year.


I posed this question to a friend of mine yesterday and we couldn’t agree. If Arkansas opens 5-0 where will they be ranked? Let’s assume the top 10 don’t lose (except Bama and am). I chose #3.

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