Hogs 11 Texas 4 Final



A sweet win. I got a little nervous when they put 4 on the board. After all, I’ve seen Texas do unbelievable crap against us over the years. But fortunately, this baseball team probably has no idea of that history & they simply did what they needed to do. Wicklander pitched very well until that one inning, but Ramage & Kopps came in & shut it down. Fun to watch—flipping back & forth on the basketball game

Ramage and Vermillion

Kopps did not pitch tonight

Awesome win.

Very solid performance. Really should have been 11-0 because wicklander struck out that guy then he doubled and the next guy hit a two-run homer… but that pitch is right down the middle of the plate then he followed up with a call strike on the outside corner that would have been strike 3 inning over.

This team keeps getting better and better… let’s stroke them again Wednesday and be done with their idiot team and field. I bet they won’t strike up another series for the next 20 years or so.

Doh! You’re right. Don’t know what I was thinking.

I hope we play Texas every year. It would make it worth while just a have the chance to spank them!

That’s only one call that the blind man behind the plate missed I thought there were a few more!
Im impressed with our pitching and our offense. Good win on the road