Hogs #10 in WTE top 10

Projects starting lineup of Nick, AB, Council, Walsh, Makhel.

I would be shocked if Brazile isn’t a starter, and nobody they ranked ahead of us scares me…at all.


I think for a WTE #10 is okay, fair. I have a problem on how they come to that.

They are basing us off who we lost with the greater value and not so much who we have brought in with equal value. In comparison with some of the others ahead of us. But it’s probably splitting hairs.
In the portal era the loss of players is over valued for some teams, the portal era has ushered in the Yearly Rebuilding Rosters era.
Any WTE or any preseason poll is going to have to be tilted to who’s coming vs who’s leaving. Who’s leaving has become a dinosaur pre evaluator.


It won’t take long to change that rude ranking…


dont think that they weigh the coach’s actual ability to coach into the formula…just reputation…

There are intangibles, but it has clearly become a, ‘As Is’. evaluation. Which is more difficult to evaluate, but as experts they should be able to pull it off without the now more and more useless who they lost portion of the formula.

It’s now here is the team, where do they rank?

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Yes. It appears to me that the writer has done very little in depth research into our players to have come up with his starting 5.

I understand a drop in ranking when JWill officially stayed in the draft. This is Borzello’s 3rd drop from his original ranking. He dropped us a little right after Toney announced. I understood that. He dropped us to #8 after JWill announced. Now, with no more changes he drops us 2 more spots.

I can understand us dropping with no returning starters. I do believe, though, if Duke, KY, and Kansas had our exact HS recruits, Transfers and Devo back, they would each be in the top 5, at the least. Even after back to back Elite Eights, It doesn’t seem they really include any “boost” in their rankings due to Muss.

I’m fine where most of the early polls have us. Not so high that we have a big target on our back, but high enough that we can climb the polls rapidly. I’m ready to start the season!


If you read the capsules above us, he bumped up Kansas due to getting Kevin McCullar out of the portal and Jalen Wilson pulling out of the draft, and bumped up Duke due to the addition of Tyrese Proctor and Jacob Grandison. Not that we got worse, but they got better. Other teams also dropped (UCLA went from 4 to 9).

Regardless of his explanations, a drop of #1 to #10 is an enormous drop. The reason we were #1 to start was primarily because of our three 5 star recruits. Each one of those 3 have climbed the recruiting rankings since his first “too early rankings”.

A drop of 4 to 6 spots due to Jaylin staying in the draft would have been more reasonable. Borzello’s drops just stand out as the outlier with other polls. All after Jaylin’s announcement:

247 - 6th
SI.com - 5th
Parrish - 6th.

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I agree with Jeremy and harley-this guy lost me with his starting 5. Now, of course I do agree with his brilliant ranking, lol, so fun as a reader to pick and choose what to believe


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Reading those rosters is stark reality for what college basketball has become. While I completely support kids having image and likeness money, the ability to transfer and have control of their own life…I also almost think it would be better for college basketball to either have kids go straight to pro ball OR make a contractual commitment to stay 2 years (as opposed to baseball’s three). Or just do what baseball does.

I admit I have mixed feelings on this, as I believe even ONE year in college benefits a young person. But I am not a fan of having to be part of the “build your team around one and done’s”. But it is what it is.

What a team we will have next year. I will sure hate seeing over half the starting lineup leave after one year though. Nothing against the kids for doing it though!

When you look at the rosters, returnees, transfers and freshmen, it is hard for me to argue against these rankings. At best we could be #8 ahead of Baylor and Creighton. We have only one significant returnee and only of our transfers (Brazile) is ranked in Top 100 of transfer list.

And actually they are highly valuing our 3 McDonalds AAs and Coach Muss. They are the reason, we are ranked #10. We could be much lower if we had just one McAA. See Texas, for example,

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