Hogs #10 in updated CBS preseason ranking

Rosters are more or less complete now, so this ranking should hold.

Was 94-95 last preseason Top 10?

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I actually think we are ranked too low, but at least we are the highest ranked SEC team. I think the difference between us and Texas comes down to PG, and I would never trade Lykes or KK for Askew. College basketball is all about great guards, and we’ve got some studs. Go Hogs!


We lost the league’s #6 and #8 scorers. I’m not sure we replaced either.

I think you are gonna pleasantly surprised. We are loaded for bear.

That will be interesting to watch.

Moody brought in intangibles like clutch shooting, high 3 pt shooting %, decision making, BB IQ and making everyone around him better. All of that in one player is hard to replace. It will be interesting to see who steps up to do all that. I don’t see anyone on the roster that has done that before. Someone has to raise their game to provide that. Can Toney do that?

I think Lykes can replace Tate on the offensive side. Can he provide the defense that Tate provided? Or does that put Lykes on the bench and brings KK in majority of the game?

Justin Smith had a knack for being in the right position to rebound. Can Umude do that as well?

It will be interesting to watch how those three positions develop and how well those newcomers take to to coaching like Moody, Tate and Smith did.

It will be interesting to watch. If those questions are answered, you are on the right track. We will be Top 5.

Moody will be the hardest to replace.

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Tate will be missed. He was the leader and the glue that held them together. When he went out our turnovers would sky rocket.

Don’t forget, this team played it’s best in post season, when Moody struggled scoring. Having said that, Smith and Moody will be the hardest to replace, primarily because of their defense, all around game and leadership.

I expect Umude to replace or exceed Moody’s scoring, with Devo right behind him. Toney should replace Tate’s defense, but probably not his scoring.

I think, for this team to be at it’s best, Lykes needs to be more of a a playmaker and assist man than a scoring PG like he was at Miami. We will have multiple good scorers with Devo, Umude, KK, Toney, and an improved Williams. I’d love to see Lykes be a 12 and 7 guy.

We should be a high scoring team. What I do worry about is interior defense. That’s where we’ll really miss Smith. He was an excellent interior defender. We need someone to step up and replace his leadership also.

Gonna be a fun season! I’m ready.

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It is nearly impossible for fans to accurately assess just how good a team will be. When you have massive roster turnover and players who have not played in the Sec, no one knows how well the team will mesh, much less how one’s stats compare with the standards of Sec basketball. By conference play, we will have a good idea about how good this team will be.

The answer to these questions will be answered by Muss. He made the decision to sign these players. I believe that this team will be quick and deep, a perfect skill set for Muss’ pressure defense. The new players seem to have an ability to score. This is critical in today’s fast pace of play. And by now, all the players love the NBA style of play.

we said the same thing before last season. Let’s hope things work out as well in 21-22!



I know you agree; we don’t have to have the same composition as last year to be successful. But, when you’re talking traits like what you describe with Moody, I like Umude for that. When you think about what Smith brought to the table, I like Toney to do many of those things. Positionally, they’re different, but I think the traits match.

I don’t think comparing to last year is the most valuable approach to projecting success.

  • Do we have playmaking point guards? Yes, with Lykes and KK.

  • Do we have shot-makers? Yes, with Lykes, KK, Notae and Umude

  • Do we have three-point shooting? Yes, with Lykes, KK, Notae, Umude, Vanover and (prediction) Williams.

  • Do we have rim- finishers? Yes, with Lykes, Davis, Notae, Toney, Umude, Wade and Williams.

  • Do we have high free throw rate players? Yes, with Lykes, Davis, Notae, Toney, Umude and Johnson.

  • Do we have offensive rebounding? Yes, with Davis, Toney, Wade, Williams and Johnson.

  • Do we have versatile defenders? Lykes is a worry, but this may be one of the most versatile defensive teams in the nation?

  • Do we have stoppers? Yes, in KK, Davis, Toney and Wade.

  • Do we have high steal rate players? Yes, with Lykes, KK, Notae and Toney.

  • Do we have rim protectors? Could be a weakness here? Our guards and wings will block shots at a higher rate than normal. If Vanover isn’t playing though, we have may have some trouble defending the rim.

  • Do we have good team defenders? Yes, with Davis, Toney, Wade and Williams.

When you look at it he ingredients, I think it looks really, really good. Thus, the preseason ranking, which I think is fair. The question with this type of roster is cohesion. Can they play well together?


Glad you responded. Always look forward to your analysis.

I agree with all your points. I think in addition to cohesion, there is something about producing in the clutch. Some players can do that quite often and some just can’t seem to. That is what separates teams in the end. Last year’s team had a knack for doing that.

We know Devo can deliver in the clutch. I have a feeling Notae is going to be the other guy that is going to be that clutch. Let’s see how it all unfolds. Excitement awaits.

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Excellent breakdown and analysis. Agree completely on Toney. He seems to be a bit of a forgotten transfer piece by many.

I somehow completely blanked on Notae and his contributions in my breakdown. I’ve done that a few times this summer. Maybe because I was so certain he was going the overseas route right after this past season?

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