Hogs 1, Vandy 0, first minute

Kayla McKeon’s 6th goal of the season, and third of the SECT, on an assist by Anna Podojil.

We’re called for a penalty in the third minute and Vandy bangs home the PK. 1-1.

Then a header in the 5th minute. 2-1 Vandy

I had let the start skip up on me and then remembered.

Turin on the TV to see I missed 3 goals in four minutes


G and a few defenders not SEC champ quality. I was really disappointed in the give up countenance that television showed Hale with a couple of times. Far away and here we go again kind of look. No way to be appropriately critical because I had planned to be there but got derailed by daughter’s soccer team playing a win and in tournament game this morning (they also lost). Neither VanFossen nor Bryant were equal to Hale, G was a mismatch and we did not get any significnt shots even though we got good pressure. McKeon missed the gimme in 1st half after finishing that first goal strong. 0-7 deserevedly today for effort and skill. I could not tell if we were fooled by the wind or what but our throwins and defensive headers truly srucked, Beetz continued to not be able to clear and flip the field. If we make the spring tournament then we have plenty to work on

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