Hogs 1, Poultry 0, halftime

SEC soccer semifinal. Freshman defender Caroline Brooks gets her first Razorback goal with 95 seconds left before the half.

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we had a scramble and cashed it, but if Beitz does not clear the goal kick better then SC is gonna press us to the breaking point. We are staring down 3 in a row already and 0-6 in finals. I don’t think anyone on the field knows or cares. Commentators had said that all our seniors are coming back partly because we have been there and not yet done it. Not pretty for either team in first half, both defenses close well.

Emilee Hauser on a 20-yard shot, 2-0 Hogs in the 52nd minute. Hauser’s first Razorback goal too; she’s also a freshman.

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Now 2-1 UA 65:00 mark

Hogs win 2-1, our seventh 2-1 game of the season. On to the final and the Poultry is out of the way.

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Thanks Jeff for the updates.

Anna Podijil was great. She did not get an assist on first goal, but she beat her player wide and sent it in. She is so much fun to watch. Hauser’s left foot strike was a rocket from outside the box. The Carolina keeper is terrific but no keeper was going to get that one in the corner

I give Carolina credit for trying to come forward a bit more in this game. In previous games all they did was wait for a counter. But the result may lead their coach to abandon that next time.

Podojil also created a chance for herself that led to a ball off the woodwork in the second half,

Very proud of our women. That was a great team playing a style of soccer that does not give you a lot of scoring opportunities. What a dangerous player that Anna is. I hope she can find a little more space against the Modores.

when we were up 2-0, I truly expected our usual 2-1 won. We almost got pirkled out and were fortunate not to have had a penalty kick against us for a handball in the box. Individual matchups with Anna Podojil were our big advantage. Goins was the first half engine and Anna took over the late. I was curious as to why Perez did not get game time. SC and Vandy later did better job of subbing. Beitz made one fantastic stop and still needs to create field flip with her goal kicks and punts. Our big 2 back defenders ran out of energy as the game went on and the kid from Vandy with 30 plus career goals will get behind them knowing how to finish unless we play better aware. SC had too many run free behind us.

We are built to win this and probably will because we are motivated… I think our freshmen will be the difference in the finals. I had a friend who is a neighbor that I followed closely thru her Vandy career and she is a big advocate of their coach. Dana is now coaching in Nashville after some pro time in Israel and she is a believer in the Vandy system. We will need our best effort, energy and focus but we are physically better eveywhere except G.

I watched parts of the game last night. I’ve never been around or watched soccer so all of your comments are Greek to me. But anytime the Hogs win it’s a great day.

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The goal kicks against the wind were a problem for Beitz. I predict another 2-1 score.

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