Hogs 1, Auburn 0, halftime

Anna Podojil with her 16th goal in the 20th minute.

In other scores of note, Tennessee is leading Florida 1-0 in the second half. Katie Cousins got the goal for EOE in the 51st minute. South Carolina leads the Rebnecks 1-0.

If those scores hold, Hogs would be alone in first place in the SEC with 21 points.

Podojil’s speed was on display on that goal. She just separated from the back line and basically had a one-on-one with the goalie. Podojil will win that matchup more times than not.

There was another ball Podojil ran down at the back line earlier in the game that showed the difference between her and everyone on Auburn’s team. It is difficult for anyone to keep up with her.

Taylor Malham made it 2-0 in the second minute of the second half, shot from about 15 yards squirted under the Auburn GK.

Stefani Doyle with a goal in the 54th minute, 3-0 Hogs

Bryana Hunter with the goal,4-0.

Tennessee beat Florida. Hogs will be alone in first. They’ve gone back to divisions (Hogs won the West last week) but top overall record means something too.

Nayeli Perez scores on the PK, 5-0 in the 80th minute.

5-0 final, Colby Hale cleared the bench. Hogs in first place with the home finale Sunday and the regular season closer Thursday.

Good for the ladies. Glad the UA is having success in one sport this fall.

If I’m figuring right if we win, and FL wins on Sunday, then we clinch at least a share of the overall title, correct?

Women’s cross country is ranked #1 in the country this fall, Chip.

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That is CORRECT. We’d have 24 Points (with one match to play); the best UF could do is 24 (winning both matches); and the best USC could do is 23 (winning their last match).

We have 21 points (3 for each win, 1 for each tie) to 20 for the Chickens, who are actually unbeaten at 6-0-2, and 18 for the Wallets. A Hog win and Florida win would have us at 24, UF at 21 and the Poultry at 20. However if UF and USC tie we would also clinch a tie, although USCe would have the tiebreaker if both finish at 24 points because they beat us.

Arkansas would clinch a share of the title Sunday with a win and a South Carolina loss or tie. South Carolina holds the tiebreaker over Arkansas that would be used to determine seeding at the conference tournament, but in the event of a tie atop the standings at the end of the regular season, co-champions would be recognized.

Cross country has a good chance to win the team title in Terre Haute next month.

Let’s just win a NC and call it a night…