Cracked me up yesterday pointing at the ump the entire inning.

A friend posted his picture on FB and asked if that was me.

I replied back “no that was my cousin from Pine Bluff”.

We needed some humor yesterday.

well I thought he mad a fool of himself but I do admire his passion but that was way overboard IMO

Bobby has been doing that stuff for years, even before Baum Stadium was built. I love it. I wish there were more like him.

You gotta admit is was funny.

I was sitting a section over from him and I loved it!

I loved it. There should be special seats for fans like that.
There should also be a special dressing room in the outhouse for the home plate umpire!

I attended a Hog - Vol baseball game in Knoxville a few years ago. There were maybe 1,500 fans there with a nice representation of Hog fans. Got to sit with parents since my lifelong friend son played for the Hogs. We ran away with the game and headed down by our dugout to catch Sam after the game. The umps were departing at that gate with an escort of at least 8 cops. Which was not needed that day since it was a runaway. But that told me there was a reason for police protecting for the umps leaving a game. I’ve seen some bad umpiring but ascosting them after a game is minor league. But getting on their rear during a game is part of the fun.

Consider the name. I thought the staredown was funny for a bit, but nationally, he probably added to the Arkansas stereotype. But I wish more fans would have that kind of fun at games. Compared to other games, it seemed like our fans were never really into Sunday’s game once we got behind. It was like failure was expected. It’s like DVH said after the game that early in the game it seemed like the team was down by several runs instead of just one.

Yeah I I definitely appreciate his passion just thought he went overboard for as long as he was pointing. I really haven’t seen our crowd get into it too much the best I’ve seen so far was a USM game crowd was really into it early in the game and the coaching USM set it affect the hitter that’s the only time I seen it unless we start hitting then we get excited I would like to see them do it all the time.

There was a thread on here last month about the atmosphere at LSU vs. here. Those LSU folks are loud and vocal even when their team is down, whereas I feel like, with some exceptions, the crowd at Baum kind of waits for something to happen to get loud. I wondered a lot during the final few innings yesterday what some crowd noise might do for both sides.

I don’t understand how a fan staring down an umpire reinforces a stereotype, unless the stereotype is for an intense, dedicated fan base.

Yeah I used to sit a few seats away from Bobby behind home plate at old George Cole. When we bought our tickets at Baum, he went down to the third base dugout. I stayed directly behind home plate (in the shade). I feel compelled to help the umpires behind the plate. The umpire Sunday needed some help. I probably shouldn’t even tell this story but I guess I will. The home plate umpire’s wife and another umpire’s wife sat directly adjacent to me in two seats that had previously been reserved for scouts and charting pitch counts. The home plate umpire’s wife was sitting next to me at the beginning of the game. She was an attractive and seemingly sweet lady. While Murphy was warming up, I asked my wife to switch seats with me. As I rose, I turned to the lady and said, “I don’t want to get slapped. I’m pretty obnoxious with umpires. This pitcher throws a lot of curve balls which can be controversial. (said in a joking manner but knowing I would probably have an occasion to blast the umpire).” Well, her husband missed a lot of calls. I can’t stand that in such an important game. He was lining up inside and he didn’t have a clue about curve balls breaking over the outside of the plate. So, I blasted the man in blue but I didn’t say anything to or about the wife. However, some of the fans around us felt compelled to engage the umpire’s wife. I felt sorry for her and so did my wife. During the late innings, I basically had to break up a potential fight between a female fan sitting behind the other umpire’s wife. Something was said and the female Razorback fan became enraged, stood up, used the “bit**” word and knocked the hat off the other umpire’s wife’s head, which hit my wife in the face two seats over. I got really engaged at that point and in a loud voice declared that “Let’s all calm down”. The husband of the female fan pleaded that his wife hadn’t previously said a word. I think I believed him. So, I turned to the umpire’s wife and said, “Then, let’s all calm down.” All in all, it was a hot, sweaty, temper filled, bizarre day.

It would be very hard to be the wife of an Umpire or a coach you get a lot of drunk people agitated and they will say all kind of crazy stuff. I thought the umpire basically just had a professional strike zone which is not going to be good for college pitcers because they’re not that good yet but he was the same for both sides I thought it just seemed to hurt us more

There probably should be a place reserved for the umpire’s wives and/or families where they would not encounter rowdy fans. While Morris may not be loved by Arkansas fans right now, he does have loved ones, and in the long run, the game is a game and there is never a good reason to accost a family member of an ump.

Well how do you find out who the lady is? Surely, she does not have a name tag. If she voluntarily mentioned she was the umps wife, maybe she should not have.

My daughter got a clip sent to her from youtube and she cracked up…She loves Carson Shaddy because he is tight with Austin Allen. I had to explain there was a bad ump that provoked that reaction. She could relate since she plays softball, but she thought he was hilarious and embarrassing simultaneously. When 12 year olds follow you on youtube, does that make you a cult figure?? :mrgreen: