I have to ask, is he one of our esteemed members of this board. Swear I’ve seen his name before.

I think he was in the past. Don’t think he is here now.

Well, I find him embarrassing. I wish the TV crew would stop featuring him.

No, that is a different guy.

His name is Bobby Smittle and he is a great guy with a lot of character.

He does really get into baseball.

Ins’t Bobby an usher at BWA and RRS during those seasons?

Dudley, what is on Shaddy’s thumb when he it batting?

I think he’s entertaining. The name “hognoxious” is apt & plays well to most fans.
I’ve been embarrassed by some fans before, but I don’t find him embarrassing. He’s a big, overweight, bombastic guy, but it’s not like nobody has fans who fit that description. They’re everywhere.

Anybody heard his rendition of the National Anthem? He does a good job. He has performed at Baum before games.

Btw, Hognoxius was active at old George Field before Baum was built. That’s when a typical crowd was a couple hundred.

Love him!

He’s awesome

Great Hogfan

Rabid Hog fan, I like him. He seems to be enjoying life.

The man sure gets attention on ESPN, but that’s really cool. He might want to consider a pedicure before the CWS however.


Another one of the many guards that players wear these days.

It always tickles me when people think that Bobby might be foul-mouthed. He never says anything approaching a curse-word. And he tells the worst jokes in the world, but they are always clean.

He has served as an usher at some events.

Hognoxious gets off some really good zingers. A couple of years ago, DVH came out of the dugout to argue a call with a home plate umpire. After a heated exchange which obviously included a warning, DVH headed back to the dugout and the ump pulled out is little book to record the warning. As he was writing, Bobby yelled, “Dear Diary, Dave Van Horn was mean to me today!”

Everyone who heard it broke up laughing.

I’ve gotten a huge kick out of his antics. However, if he were a fan of another school and doing the same things, I’d probably hate him.

It was funny seeing the bench imitating him by pointing at the camera late in last night’s game.