Hog2009 - Thread Bumping

When I see new posts, I click on those. I assume that if a person has made a post, he has something worthwhile to say and worthy of being read.

It’s frustrating to discover that the post has only been made to bump a thread and, as Clay put it, to annoy people.

I realize I have only been posting here for a few weeks, and perhaps I have not earned the right to speak on this. However, as I expressed to the admins last week, this board has been a breath of fresh air. Great content and posters who can disagree and still be civil. I hate that one person, whose main contribution seems to be annoying people, is making it less than it should be.

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Is there an ignore feature on this new board and if you ignore Hog2009 will you see his bumped threads?

There is an ignore feature, and I have him on ignore. However, the threads he bumps still go to the top. Based on their responses to him, other posters seem as frustrated with him as I am.

I try to delete them as I see them.


The percentage of threads that are bumped is annoyingly high. Thanks for your work, Clay.

Clay, if you scroll down to the bottom of this page, you’ll see several threads dating back to Aug. If you go to the basketball board, you have posts all the way back to Jan. All the specific bumpers (and there is more than one, but the one does it more than anyone else) are doing is looking at those visible threads. If they see someone who said something that they perceive is wrong they bump it (saying, “I told you so”, or, “You we’re wrong.”). If you want to get it to stop, get the tech guys to make it harder to find old threads. If you don’t, I’m afraid it’ll continue.

I guess what’s interesting to one poster might be annoying to others. Not all bumped posts are annoying to me and some new posts are really annoying.

One of the reasons I like reading Jacksonreid’s posts is, even though he can be really annoying, he does it in a thoughtful and intelligent way and is not always a COMPLETE idiot, just misguided in a not too offensive manner. So don’t delete ALL of his posts, just the REALLY annoying ones. :sunglasses:

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So, all but one?

J/K Jackson

Jacksonreid has more than one “not TOO annoying” post. Maybe all but a few more than one.

I agree with you, just messing with Jackson.

I actually have calmed down quite a bit since I joined the board. I would question people’s fandom, bump old threads to say, “I told you so”, or “You were wrong” (we know I was never wrong :wink:), or ignore posters (I now think this is kind of childish),

However, maybe because I’m getting older, I’m interested in everyone’s opinion. Love to see some of the discussions on here, some I don’t, but I think we need to view all opinions and not just discount them because they don’t agree with us.

As always, I will try to use proper judgment and perspective. Balance is my goal here (and with my writing).

I am really glad little Elmo got himself deservedly banned or I would have to admit to him he was right about Chad Morris. I am really glad no one is bumping my old emails bashing him for not supporting Chad.

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Very good approach in most things, Clay. Thank you.

Opinions are good. I can tolerate about everything. Well, not Texas fans.

I miss Bake’s very blunt posts. Calmed now as he says,
He must have some resolution to uphold.

I don’t get the pick and choose opinion/posts… if it’s something that bothers you, have enough focus to retort and start a discussion or walk away and ignore. Diversity of opinion should never be thrown away or limited.