Hog WR to the portal

Well, IMO this is a big loss

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Big loss, proven ability.

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Closer to home?

This is the 1st one that actually came as a surprise to me. He is in position to be one of the go to guys in this offense next year, with an easy showcase in the bowl game with Hasellwood opting out.

Interesting to see where he goes and if its an immediate landing spot. I always feel those immediate spots mean there was probably some recruiting and tinkering before hand.

Will be one to watch.

I am of the opinion there was a lot of discontent in the WR room all year. FIrst, Landers and Haselwood appear in the portal. Then, Hornsby gets wooed back out of the portal with the promise of a “package” and part-time work at WR. Finally, Thompson proved to be a malcontent (have to figure Hornsby was as well, given his antics on the sideline vs Bama, etc). That doesn’t make them cancerous, necessarily, but players who are not fully bought into the program because THEY are not benefiting from the program.

The c/o 23 recruiting class is a bit sparse on WR, although Luke Hasz is fast enough to be a slot type TE (whatever they call that these days). With only 2 WR in the class, and only 6 left on scholarship (my count: Landers, Stephens, Wilson, Rogers, Sategna, Mbake, and Cole), we are ripe to try and add several WR, including even chasing another c/o 23 WR.

Well we better hope we hit the portal hot and heavy or we going to be in big trouble

Wow! That wasn’t one I expected to see hit the portal.

You obviously have this portal cycle and then opportunities in May.

Very disappointing, he showed some ability for sure

His rise was a big reason Thompson’s playing time went down, and now both guys are looking for new teams.

On the other hand, our two best WRs this year came from the portal, and given the number of/talent level of the WRs who are in there this year, I’m pretty optimistic adequate replacements will be found. The bowl game looms large for a couple of the holdovers.

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